Speed Dial #1


Speed Dial #1

******** NOTE: June 22, 2009 Submitted version 1.5 an update to fix the double-launch bug in iPhone 3.0, should be live soon! ******** Always wanted a simple way to instantly call someone from your SpringBoard (your iPhone's application icons)? With this app you can now have instant Speed Dialing. Simply launch it once to configure whom it will "speed dial" and then next time you launch it will call that person immediately. No futzing around in the iPhone finding someone that you already call often. Suggested uses are to call parents, business partners, significant others, or other people you call all too often. We have 4 SEPARATE apps on the AppStore for this same purpose. If you would like all four (like on the screenshots) you will need to manually install all four of them and configure each individually. ------------------------- Tip #1: To reset the number you dial, go into the iPhone "settings" window and scroll to the bottom and look for SpeedDial. Tip #2: There is a flaw or "feature" of the Apple SDK which doesn't allow us or any other speed dial apps to dial numbers with * or # in the phone number. This is a security feature put in place by Apple so applications can not dial any of the provider features like blocking caller ID or forwarding your calls to another number. --------- Speed Dial #1-#4 is and always will be free. If you love and use it, thank us and/or leave some comments. If you feel really thankful, Click "Other applications from Neon Surge" or go to http://www.neonsurge.com and check out one of our other great games/applications like ZoneOut and SolarQuest! - The Neon Surge Team

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    Speed dial 1 -4 all have bugs everytime you open it”
    It crashed and goes back to the home screen

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