WiFi Touchpad HD Free


WiFi Touchpad HD Free

Need a wireless keyboard/mouse for a presentation, or when you connect your PC/Mac to the big screen TV? The WiFi Touchpad HD is the application for you! It can turn your iPad into a wireless touchpad, keyboard and text input device. Sleek and simple, you can sit back and relax while you control with ease. Features: 1. Easy to use! WiFi Touchpad automatically searches for the remote computer's IP address. 2. Uses WiFi networking to control any PC or laptop within the WiFi network coverage. 3. Multi-touch support - two finger right clicking and two finger scrolling. 4. Tap to click, item dragging and dropping, and window resizing. 5. Full feature keyboard. Additional features in full version: 1. Allows you to compose text on your iPad before sending to remote computer. 2. Multi-language text input support. 3. Supports Chinese handwriting recognition. Turn your iPad into a writing pad. 4. Includes a magnifying glass function in the receiver application. Small on screen objects can now be easily viewed. 5. Pinch to zoom for Win7 and OS X 10.6. 6. System volume control. Application requirements: 1. Any PC or laptop running WinXP/Vista/Win7 or Mac OSX 10.5 Intel and above. 2. iPad device. 3. Your iPad and the PC/Mac must be on the same subnet. 4. The receiver application needs to be installed and started on your PC/Mac first. Please download the and install the receiver application from our website: http://www.mbpowertools.net

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