Finally, UPAD 3 has re-arrived! When downloading UPAD 3, your iPad becomes more of a worthy instrument. UPAD 3 is the best application for handwriting. Write on it, just like you would on a sheet of paper. You can use this for a diary, planner, lecture note, conference note, letters, Calligraphy, etc. Create documents with easier-than-ever-to-use interface and a variety of features [The best feel of writing] - Write fast and easy—like when you handwrite on a sheet of paper. - When you’re listening to a lecture or at a conference, you can draw, modify, and write fast. - You may rest your palm on the screen. It is made to recognize just the touch-pen. - No other application allows the feeling of writing like UPAD 3. - It allows the “real” feeling of handwriting. [PDF Editing] - Read and edit PDF files with UPAD 3. - Edit PDF files with add/copy/delete functions. - Add handwriting, texts, pictures, etc. to PDF files. - Manage theses, lecture notes, manuals, musical notes, etc. in PDF format effectively. [Easier-than-ever-to-use image insertion] - Save multiple pictures in a form of documents easily. - You can capture a part of a map or web page and save it to a file. - This provides you with special effects and frames that will enhance images. - You no longer need to move back and forth from one application to another. [Typing] - You can enter words by using a keyboard. - This includes various fonts, sizes, backgrounds, and alignments that are in Microsoft Word. [Shapes] - You can put in callouts, rectangles, arrows, circles, etc. easily. - You’ll be able to draw a table easily. [Sharing documents] - You’ll be able to share not only emails, but SMS such as Facebook and Tweeter through iMessage. - You can print out documents immediately through Air Printer. - You can send UPAD 3 documents to all applications that can read images and PDF’s. [A variety of easy templates] - Set up schedules monthly/weekly/daily. - This provides various templates you need when you create a document. - You may use the image of your choice as the background. [Safe backing-up] - You can now back-up not only as a whole, but partially—one document at a time. - It’s possible to back-up and restore quickly and stably. We’re sorry for the delay in our updates. We’ve worked hard since we appreciate your support.

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  • Highligths
    I have all the other major writing and PDF annotating apps”
    With dropbox support
    I primarily use the memo pad feature to write notes
    It would also be nice to get audio recording
    Net and a few tools like a calculator and voice recording
    It's the best handwriting recognition I've ever experienced”
    My wish list is addittion of handwriting to digital text”
    Just discovered the new Dropbox integration - fantastic”
    I've bought several handwrite apps including Note Taker HD
    Calendars I can mark up
  • Keep in mind
    No search function
    Most recent: tech support for this app has vanished”
    No response from customer service Penultimate”
    It stalls and shuts down back to the home screen
    If you are looking for a PDF program
    As soon as you attempt to change font size on text”
    Very disappointed with lack of response from developer
    Can not upload photo from photo album without crashing”
    Wont transfer files -VERY UNHAPPY”
    No native drop box support”

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