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Theme Mosaic

Theme Mosaic helps you to build great pictures. Select one of your photos, and Theme Mosaic will transform it in a very special mosaic. If you look closely at the mosaic created, you'll notice that it is made of hundreds of smaller pictures. All the pictures belong to one of the themes included in the application, like animals, singers, sport, etc. Make great mosaics An algorithm analyzes the photo you selected, and uses hundreds of built-in pictures to compose a mosaic that looks like your photo. It studies the colors of your photo, its brightness, its size, etc. The mosaic is designed to be similar to your photo when you look at it a little further. To build the mosaic, Theme Mosaic selects the pictures that best mimic your photo. Several themes If you use the Animals theme, all the pictures that compose your mosaic are pictures of animals. Other themes are available, like the sport theme, and the singers theme which contains photos of singers and records. Works with any photo It works on any photo, and for the best results, we suggest to use highly contrasted photos with many colors. Theme Mosaic can work on any photo of any size. Your original photo intact Theme Mosaic generates a new picture, your original photo stays intact. New wallpapers You can use the mosaic you created as a wallpaper for your iPad, you can share it on Facebook, via email, etc. The photos displayed here are under Creative Commons license, courtesy of The Lightworks, and Patrick Doheny.

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