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★★★★ Optimized for iPad Retina Display! ★ Fully functional - one ad banner only, no ad popups on every tap! ★★★★ ★★★★ Download the free app and get notifications on discounts on the full version ★★★★ The World Clock Free is a free version of the popular The World Clock app. It supports most of the features from the full version including time converter, network time synchronization, more than 192 000 populated places from more than 230 countries around the world, comprehensive information on daylight savings time transitions and more. Features: • Attractive real-time Earth day-night map, continuously updated - scroll for fast time conversion. • Option to display additional information, e.g. GMT offset, time difference, day of week, true solar time, sunrise, solar noon and sunset times for the selected locations and more. • Send an email invitation with prepopulated time table for select locations from the main screen or from the meeting planner window (iPad) or convert tab (iPhone) • Network time synchronization for sub-second precision (requires 3G or WiFi network connection; corrected time and the measured time difference displayed, system time change not allowed by the OS) • Auto-update of the timezone database over the network • The scrollable map turns The World Clock into interactive time converter for different timezones. • Meeting Planner window gives detailed info for each location and instant access to 40 popular time zone abbreviations to convert from (e.g. PST, EST etc.) • Display 1 to 4 clocks (full version supports up to 24 clocks) • Selected places shown on the live map • User-editable location names • Customizable map centering • 4 options for twilight display on the map. • 4 options for map centering, including automatic - the map centering follows the rotation of the Earth. • Uses industry-standard daylight savings algorithm and database • Database with more than 192 000 populated places from more than 230 countries around the world • Search by typing city name using native or alternative spellings • 2 clock designs - 1 analog and 1 digital (the full version supports 9 clock designs - 5 analog and 4 digital) • Full screen clocks view - hide or show the map with a single swipe. • Clock faces change from dark to light based on user-selectable criteria: - light during the day (after sunrise), dark during the night (after sunset) at each location - light during the business hours - light before noon (AM), dark after noon (PM) - other options, including custom selectable hours • In-app help • quick time conversion for arbitrary date form the main screen • an info button, shown after tapping on the clock. Allows quick access to information on date, time difference from the current location, GMT difference, next DST transition and more Additional features in The World Clock (full version): • Supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad • Ads free • Alarm Clock and Alert functionality with DST transition adjustment and multiple time zones support • User selectable alarm snooze interval (2 - 15 minutes) • Display 1 to 24 clocks • 9 clock designs - 5 analog and 4 digital (iPad only) Credits: The Day and Night Map is generated based on images from the NASA Visible Earth Project. Design improvements by Marcello Luppi, Wrinkly Pea Design

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