Scales Lexicon


Scales Lexicon

50% OFF SUMMER SALE Over 100 different scales (listed below) notated and played for you. Automatic transposition for instrument in Ab, Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A, and E. Play along! Includes an optional 2 or 4 beat count-off. Transpose with a touch, to any root, in treble, alto, tenor or bass clef. See the scale notated correctly, with double sharps and flats as needed. For example, Gb minor has a B double flat, not an A. Have the scale played in a wide variety of ways. - Choose from 13 rhythmic patterns. - Choose a range to play, any combination of two octaves below to two octaves above the written notation. - Select if you want it to loop continuously, or play just once through. - Choose if you want the scale played forward and backward (up and down), or just forward. - Select if you want the top or bottom notes repeated (with a pause between repetitions). Listen and watch the piano keys highlight as it plays up and down the keyboard. The musical notation is written in black and white, or in chalk on a chalkboard. Included scales: • Common: Major Natural Minor Harmonic Minor Melodic Minor - Ascending Melodic Minor - Descending Whole-Half Diminished Half-Whole Diminished Whole-tone Chromatic • Modes: Ionian Dorian Phrygian Lydian Mixolydian Aeolian Locrian • Jazz: Major Pentatonic Minor Pentatonic Blues Blues Modified Blues Phrygian Blues Diminished Bebop Bebop Major Bebop Dominant Bebop Minor Bebop Minor 2 Harmonic Major Phrygian Dominant Lydian Dominant (Overtone) Lydian Augmented Augmented Half Diminished 1 Half Diminished 2 Diminished Whole Tone 6th Mode of Harmonic Minor Neapolitan Major Neapolitan Minor Harmonic Neapolitan Minor Prometheus • Hindustani Thaats: Bilaval Khamaj Kafi Asavari Bhairavi Kalyan Todi Purvi Marva Bhairav • World: Algerian Arabian Byzantine Hawaiian Hindu Hungarian or Egyptian Indian Indian Minor Jewish or Spanish Oriental Persian Romanian Bocovia Romanian Major Romanian Minor • China: Bi Yu Chaio Kung Youlan • Japan: Han-kumoi Hira-joshi Honchoshi Plagal Form Iwato Kokin-joshi, Miyakobushi Nohkan Ritsu Sakura Pentatonic Sansagari Taishikicho, Ryo • Composers: Prokofiev Scriabin Shostakovich Verdi Enigmatic Verdi Enigmatic - Ascending Verdi Enigmatic - Descending • Messiaen Modes: Mode 1 - Whole Tone Mode 2 - Half-Whole Diminished Mode 3 Mode 3 Inverse Mode 4 Mode 4 Inverse Mode 5 Mode 5 Inverse Mode 6 Mode 6 Inverse Mode 7 Mode 7 Inverse Truncated Mode 2 Truncated Mode 3 Truncated Mode 3 Inverse Truncated Mode 5 Truncated Mode 5 Inverse Truncated Mode 6 Truncated Mode 6 Inverse

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