PhotoView is a tool that helps you organize your photos into folders with password on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in a very simple way, without needing a computer, it also allows you to add a name or comment to each photo and transfer or import it to a computer, another iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch using WiFi. With Photoview you can: + Manage your photos with PRIVACY because each album / folder can be protected with a password so you can share just the photos you decide to and hide the rest. + Make the best of your waiting time naming and organizing your photos without needing a computer. + Keep the same photo in different albums without having to duplicate memory space. + Transfer your photos from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to a computer using WiFi, maintaining your photo's quality. + Import your photos from your computer to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch using WiFi. PhotoView features: + Create photo albums with password to preserve your privacy. + File your photos in one or more albums / folders with a distinctive name. + Copy and delete photos from albums / folders. + Import photos directly from iPhone camera and photo gallery . + View your photos in an easy use viewer, with zoom capabilities and automatic scroll display according to a pre-set speed on each album / folder. + Download your photos TO and FROM a computer, or another iPhone or iPod Touch. + Name or add a comment to each of the photos you have stored in PhotoView. + It supports multiple photo formats such as jpeg, jpg, gif, png, bmp, etc.

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