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Numerari - Scientific Calculator

Numerari's powerful function graphing, comprehensive unit conversion, easy to use complex numbers, and advanced functions make it the perfect tool for solving challenging science, engineering, and mathematical problems. ? Graph multiple functions on rectangular or polar grids using linear-linear, linear-log, log-linear, log-log, linear-decibel, or log-decibel scales. ? Convert units for any physical quantity and routinely use units in your calculations to verify unit consistency. ? Enter calculations with mixtures of rectangular and polar complex numbers and easily convert answers between forms. ? Trigonometric, hyperbolic, permutation, combination, Bessel, gamma, factorial, etc. keys cover a wide range of applications. Numerari is made for a touch world---copy results from its history display to use in a new calculation with just one tap. Drag and drop to set user-defined keys. Numerari is designed for both the iPad and iPad mini. (Be sure to VISIT OUR WEBSITE for many more screen captures and expanded explanations of features.) GRAPHING ? Graph functions on rectangular and polar grids ? Five scales are available for labeling axes: regular linear (default), pi linear (axis is labeled in multiples of pi), regular logarithmic, and two special logarithmic decibel scales ? Graph multiple functions and give each line a unique color ? The history display saves your graph specification and a thumbnail image of the graph so that you can reopen the graph to full screen with just a tap. You can create similar graphs by copying old ones. ? Units are fully integrated---use units in your function expressions and on your axes limits UNITS AND CONSTANTS ? Popup unit keypads with 96 units ? Combine units with multiplication, division, and power operations ? Conversions for any physical quantity can be made by combining units ? Includes all metric (SI) units, many related units, and 18 metric power prefixes ? Includes 48 of the most common English units ? Checks calculations for unit consistency ? Can suggest units for the answer, but you can also specify the answer units---answer units are checked for consistency and any required unit conversions are done automatically ? Popup constant keypad with 48 physical and mathematical constants ? Constants cover the full range of areas from basic physics and chemistry to electromagnetics and quantum mechanics COMPLEX NUMBERS ? Enter any mixture of rectangular or polar complex numbers in a calculation ? Complex numbers can have units ? One tap switches between rectangular and polar as the default answer form ? One tap switches between radians and degrees as the default polar argument units ? If the last answer was in rectangular form, one tap shows it in polar form and vice versa ADVANCED FUNCTIONS ? Popup keypad with 48 advanced functions ? Includes permutation, combination, factorial, double factorial, gamma, log gamma, digamma, log with any base, Riemann zeta, and error functions ? Includes all of the trigonometric and hyperbolic functions and their inverses ? Supports differential equation applications with Bessel and Airy functions and Legendre, Laguerre, Chebyshev, and Hermite polynomials KEYBOARD ? The option to switch between two ergonomic keyboard layouts lets you decide which is best for how you use your iPad ? 10 user-defined keys that you can assign with a simple drag and drop---save special constants, groups of units, and expressions ? UNDO/REDO the last 50 edits in the build display ? 17 color themes: cool, warm, outdoors, orchid, sweet, chocolate, steel, graphite, robust, khaki, pastel, subway tile, sapphire, turquoise, ruby, emerald, and neutral DISPLAY ? Scrollable build and history displays let you enter calculations of arbitrary size ? Copy from the history display to the build display with just one tap---copy the entire previous expression, copy a number with its units, etc. ? Archive or email history images with different background and alignment options

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