Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun


Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun

Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun provides, in a game setting that's like a cross between monopoly and maze searches, a range of problems covering the core of elementary and middle school math: whole numbers, fractions, decimals, multi-step problems, ratios & proportions, percents, negative numbers, time, length, area, volume, weight, angles, and graphs & tables, along with other higher-order skills woven throughout the exercises. You and your fellow archaeologists have landed on Prospero's Island in the Mediterranean looking for lost treasure in underground caves and labyrinths. You each start with $25,000. If you collect all the treasures in a cave you get to own it, and can then charge any other player who lands on it a fee of $1000 for each cave that you own (for example, if you own 3 caves, they pay your $3,000). To enter a cave you must provide a secret code to open the cave door, which is the answer to a math problem. An onscreen calculator is provided, since the purpose is to understand the structure of word problems and not get mired in calculations. Because of the danger you are using ground-penetrating radar to guide a remote-controlled robot to dig through the caves. You must get to the treasures and out of the caves before the robot is destroyed by one of the many dangers: falling boulders, ice caverns, underground rivers and tubes left by some ancient civilization. Up to four players can play and the game continues as long as you want - you can set your own criteria for winning, e.g., when a player reaches a certain score - and you can save games.

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