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iSequence is one of the most powerful music creation studio designed exclusively for iPad. Thanks to intuitive 8-track sequencer, tons of instruments, flexible mixer with DSP effects you can easily program and record profesional loops, beats and melodies. Now you control every aspect of your music project. MUSIC IN MOTION The workflow is extremely fluid, you can now record tracks and control movement in real-time, edit them using step sequencer and automation editor, switch between instruments, tracks and views without stopping playback. You can compose, jam and mix at the same time! INSTRUMENTS - Use one of 160 built-in instruments: a collection of acoustic instruments, drum kits, pads, leads, sweeps and ambient atmospheres recorded with top classic and modern hardware synthesizers. - Buy additional banks in the BankShop - Play using adjustable piano keyboard or large drum pads - Create custom instruments using built-in sampler. - Support for CoreMidi and Midi instruments REAL-TIME RECORDING AND PARAMETERS AUTOMATION - Record as you play the notes. Change instruments and tracks without stopping playback - Use metronome and "slow down" mode if you are not a piano virtuoso - Record parameter changes as you move controls STEP SEQUENCER - 8 tracks and FX curves editor. Instruments are not bound to tracks, so you can play chords or use multiple instruments on a single track - Edit music events using piano keyboard, drum pads and other controls - Set note duration, panning, velocity and gliss - Copy/paste, move and transpose selected area or patterns - Arrange pattern sequences to create a complete song MIXER AND EFFECTS - Adjust tempo, master volume and beat shuffle - Set level / mute or solo mode for each of the 8 tracks - Route tracks to one of 5 configurable effect channels. Available effects: Filter, Reverb, Flanger, Delay, Ring Modulator, Equalizer, LO-FI crusher, live looper, Distortion. SAMPLER - Upload, record or paste samples to create custom instruments. - Use sample editor to set a looping area, ADSR envelope, sample-mapping - Powerful loop slicer and automatic tempo synchronization SHARING FILES OVER WI-FI NETWORK - Export your work as HSQ, MIDI or WAV - Import samples and create custom presets - Copy your tracks to the audio clipboard - Import HSQ songs Visit for video tutorials, use guide and forums. ---------------------------------- "If you're looking for a complete sequencing workstation for your iPad, you won't find better than BeepStreet's iSequence" Computer Music magazine 8/2010 ".. the effects are high quality, and the samples are really good ... I've written some songs for my new album using it" Gary Numan - ShortList magazine "Regardless of your musical expertise, iSequence can grow with you." iSequence has been used numerous times to create complete soundtracks for short movies and presentations as well as by musicians to produce commercial music.

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