HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker for iPad


HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker for iPad

There is a reason our iPhone version is the highest-rated Medical App - with a full five stars! More than 500 ratings and reviews are clear - HeartWise is the easiest-to-use application for quickly recording and keeping track of your blood pressure, resting heart rate, and weight. HeartWise for iPad has buult-in visualization that quickly shows you trends over time, and detailed analysis and statistics show you how your blood pressure fluctuates on a daily basis. * Featured in Apple's "What's Hot" List * #1 Healthcare & Fitness App Our powerful statistics and hourly averages chart are unmatched by any competing App and give you unprecedented visualization of how your blood pressure changes over the course of an average day and over time. Candlestick-chart style range lines show maximums and minimums in addition to simple averages and color coding clearly shows elevated risk levels. - Featured in Apple's "What's Hot" List. - Highest rated Medical App on iPhone - a full Five Stars!!! - The #1 Medical App for iPhone (11/25/09). To use HeartWise, simply measure your blood pressure in the normal manner and type in the results. HeartWise records and calculates statistics for: - Systolic and diastolic blood pressure. - Mean Arterial Pressure, a key statistic that represents your average blood pressure. - Resting heart rate (pulse). - Weight (pounds or kilograms) and Body Mass Index (BMI) HeartWise has a simple, streamlined interface that lets you input data in seconds, and the touch of a button gives you details about how your blood pressure - and your heath - changes over time. A centralized chart page show you trends visually. Finally, HeartWise has a fully capable export feature that allows you to send your data as a spreadsheet directly from your phone. You can send your blood pressure, pulse, and weight history to yourself - or even your doctor - import that data easily using most common spreadsheet applications. Features include: - An elegant data entry screen that is seamlessly intuitive. - Separate tracking of blood pressure, resting heart rate, and weight. - Automatic calculation of Mean Arterial Pressure (a key statistic that represents your average blood pressure), Pulse Pressure, and Body Mass Index. - Detailed statistics reporting shows how your blood pressure and other measurements change over time. - Support for weight measurements in Imperial (pounds) or metric units (kilograms). - Clear, crisp charts with a quick "camera" feature to save high-resolution copies to your photo library! - Improved export features allow you to export your data as a comma-separated-value list that can be imported into almost any spreadsheet application! Try HeartWise today, as an important step towards managing your blood pressure. HeartWise - for a healthier heart! WE'RE LISTENING TO YOU! We're already at work on the next improvement! We're not a big, rich software company, but we ARE dedicated to our users and we're listening! Keep contacting us, and we'll keep responding to what you want. * This application is an INFORMATION RECORDING TOOL ONLY and is not intended to diagnose, prevent, or recommend treatment for any disease or illness. This application is not intended for or certified for medical use. Consult your doctor for informed medical advice about your blood pressure and health.

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    At age 82 with reoccurring bouts of high blood pressure
    My doctor loves this”
    Fun to track my bp and see the trends”
    I'm sure diabetics would appreciate the ability to plot blood sugar
    This is a great app and very user friendly
    Great health tool
    Great Motivational Tool
    This app is outstanding for the job of record keeping
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    Nothing here… Users found nothing but good things to say about this app!

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