Ghost Stories The Boardgame


Ghost Stories The Boardgame

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ GHOST STORIES ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈≈ SLAY THE LORD OF THE NINE HELLS! ≈≈ ~ The first COOPERATIVE boardgame available on the Apple Store! ~ The players must unite their forces to beat the game. If the right decisions are taken at the right moment, then you'll be able to taste the sweet taste of victory. Otherwise, you all lose! ––––––––––– SYNOPSIS ––––––––––– You play the part of a Taoist monk with supernatural powers. Your final goal: vanquish WU-FENG, the wicked Lord of Darkness. In GHOST STORIES, the forces of good won't get a break – the ghosts will attack you unceasingly. You'll have to team up to repel the attack of the ghosts, zombies and other abominations under Wu-Feng's command. You can defeat them through sheer strength or by calling upon Taoist magic.. Don't hesitate to call upon the skills of the villagers you are protecting. The WITCH will help you exorcise a ghost but there will be a price to pay... the PRIESTS will pray in order to help you with some of your battles or the HERBALIST will help you find new ingredients for your spells... Be stronger and more clever than Evil and the village will be saved. Will you be brave enough to vanquish Wu-Feng and his minions? ––––––––––– INFO ––––––––––– This application is an adaptation of the famous GHOST STORIES boardgame. A game by Antoine Bauza, with artwork by Pierô and published by Repos Production. iPad development by Immeractive & DS Improve (  • 1 to 4 players. • ± 30 minutes per game. • 4 difficulty levels. • A customizable board and multiple powers. • Never play the same game twice, the game is always fun!

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