Gas Laws HD Lite


Gas Laws HD Lite

Beginning chemistry students can use this app to study the various relationships that exist between pressure, volume, temperature and number of particles of a gas. Now available: -------------- * Boyle's Law - the relationship between pressure and volume. Drag the plunger back and forth to change the volume of the gas. Observe and record the change in pressure. Graph pressure (P) versus volume (V). Determine the relationship. Press the MODE button on the digital meter to switch between atmospheres (atm), kiloPascals (kPa), and millimeters of mercury (mmHg). * Charles's Law - the relationship between volume and temperature. Use the red and blue buttons to set the target temperature. Observe and record the volume at various temperatures. Plot a graph of volume (V) versus temperature (T). Determine the relationship. Switch between common temperature units. Next up: ------------------- * Graham's Law - the relationship between the molar mass of a gas and the rate at which it will effuse.

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