Expenses Under Control HD


Expenses Under Control HD

iPhone version is also available! With this application you can now control your family budget in a simple and practical way. This app is the best way to organize your finances! You can quickly record each expense and income made ​​during the day. The items of expense may be included in the application divided into major categories (eg. CAR ) and then into subcategories (eg, Mechanic , Gasoline , etc.) so as to be easily selected when you insert the item of expense. The categories and subcategories are customizable and you can add others. ▶ MOVEMENT RESEARCH Could be search movements made ​​over a period or a specific day. ▶ RECURRING EXPENSES To avoid putting small daily expenses that you made every day or month (eg, coffee, newspaper, salary, etc.) you can define some movements as 'recurrent', this will make the application itself, which will provide daily (or monthly or yearly ) to add the cost indicated. ▶ GRAPHS It's possible to display graphically the costs incurred in a given period of time. The costs will be displayed for each category and subcategory. ▶ EXPORT DATA Data can be easily exported to Excel. --* -- For each problem, questions or suggestions on any implementations in subsequent revisions, send an email to the following address: * support@bitandweb.com Any criticism, please do so by sending an email rather than releasing a negative review. In this way we will have the opportunity to listen and try to solve every problem by improving the application with a new revision. * support@bitandweb.com * http://www.bitandweb.com FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-miei-soldi-Spese-sotto-controllo/168578966581055?sk=wall

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