Eng Calc HD


Eng Calc HD

Do you want to see all of the numbers that you just entered in the calculator? Do you want to work faster with less keystrokes? Well you can do both with the Eng Calc, it is a reverse polish notation calculator(RPN) with an eight line scrollable stack. It keeps track of what calculations you have made in the history log. You can even email it if needed. It has all the basic math functions as well as number base conversion for decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary. It has an eight line stack to display multiple numbers. It has the ability to swap the last two numbers on the stack. It can be in either degrees or radians mode. There are buttons for both the number pi (3.1415) and e (2.7182) located on the application. There is also an option to display the numbers in a full text wrap form instead of a scientific display for large numbers. The application has the following functions - - addition - subtraction - multiplication - natural log / e^x - log / 10^x - tangent / inverse tangent - cosine / inverse cosine - sine / inverse sine - inverse of a number / factorial - square root - y^x - number base conversion between decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary

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