Elementary School Math HD


Elementary School Math HD

Recommended Grade Levels: 4/5 Based on the classroom hit Middle School Math HD, Elementary School Math HD is a stunningly beautiful and powerfully engaging application built for today's technology-driven elementary school classroom. Emphasizing game-playing and skill development, the eight modules in Elementary School Math HD have been carefully designed by classroom teachers to provide the perfect balance between fun and the practice of fundamental skills Here's what's included: Ordering Numbers - Students jab scurrying little crabs to order fractions, decimals and integers from least to greatest. Data Magnet - Students create surveys and question their peers before generating pie charts and bar graphs to display their data. Pinpoint Plotter - Students plot points on a coordinate grid. The points connect as the students progress to form a musical instrument. Place Value - Students read numbers in words before dragging digits to their correct position on a place value chart. The Patterning Cage - Students rescue a little caveman from a cage by completing a number sequence. Shape Board - Students pull elastic bands over pegs to create two-dimensional shapes. They then measure for area and perimeter. Operations - Students practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Rounding Numbers - Students round to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, tenth, and whole number in this wonderfully engaging game.

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