ECG RHYTHM & MONITOR/DEFIBRILLATOR SIMULATOR *CONTROL SIMULATOR WITH YOUR IPHONE or ANOTHER IPAD!! *NEW DART DEFIBRILLATOR BAG FOR IPAD!* Take your ECG simulator to the next level with our new DART Bag! *See our website product page for more detail* "View & print all 25 rhythms in 12 lead & upload your own 12 Lead images!" Deliver medications! CREATE YOUR OWN SCENARIOS! RUN 35 PRE-SET ACLS-PALS-NRP Scenarios & Create your own scenarios! COMPATIBLE WITH ANY MANIKIN! COMPLIANT WITH AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION GUIDELINE/MEMO "USE OF TABLET DEVICES." **See our website to purchase defib pads and leads compatible with iPad** ** Tired of wasting money on rhythm simulators and monitor/defibrillator equipment for training? ** Are you wasting money on purchasing batteries? ** Tired of carrying around all that heavy medical equipment? ~ Try our NEW and improved rhythm & monitor/defibrillator simulator! 1. Your iPad or iPad Mini becomes an ECG rhythm generator, defibrillator, and patient monitor simulator all in one! 2. Control your simulator with an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad mini or another iPad! This allows you to have full control over your patient's vital signs. 3. 35 Pre-set scenarios for ACLS, PALS, and NRP courses. 4. Create your own custom scenarios! 5. X-Ray panel: Display 20 different chest X-Rays for Medical and Trauma scenarios. 6. Active EtCO2 waveforms! Choose from 17 different waveforms. 7. Deliver 38 medications and record/print student performance with CodeTrack. You can edit the names of all medications to suit your needs. 8. Make your patient scenarios more realistic, as you hear the sound effects of the blood pressure being taken and the defibrillator charging and delivering a shock. 9. Alarms - Set custom vital sign alarms. 10. Generate 25 of the most common rhythms including: -Normal Sinus -Sinus Bradycardia -Sinus Tachycardia -Sinus Arrythmia -Sinus Exit Block -Pediatric Supraventricular Tachycardia -Supraventricular Tachycardia -Atrial Fibrillation -Atrial Flutter -1st degree AV Block -2nd degree AV Block type 1 -2nd degree AV Block type 2 -3rd degree AV Block -Junctional Rhythm -Idioventricular Rhythm -Ventricular Tachycardia -Ventricular Fibrillation -Agonal Rhythm -Asystole -Torsades de pointes -Sinus rhythm with ST elevation -Sinus tachycardia with ST elevation -Sinus rhythm with ST depression -Sinus rhythm with PVC's -Sinus rhythm with PAC's -Wolfe Parkinson White syndrome "WPW" 11. Application is useful for training in such American Heart Association classes as ACLS, PALS, NRP, ECG and many more. 12. Useful in training in hospitals and medical schools (nursing and EMT/paramedic) 13. Save money as the average "real" defibrillator/patient monitor and ECG simulator combination can cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! 14. Save the hassle of lugging around bulky/ VERY HEAVY medical equipment to your classes. 15. Impress your classroom with the latest and greatest training tool on your iPad or iPad mini! 16. Now with hide buttons for ECG rhythm, BP, SPO2 and EtCO2! Hide and unhide vitals as the student applies the ECG leads, BP cuff, pulse oximetry or intubation. 17. Use our simulator with your existing defibrillator. Press the "Hide all" button and use our simulator for simulated patient monitoring. 18. Watch heart rhythms change when you increase or decrease vital signs. 19. Keep track of shocks delivered. 20. Set custom energy levels for synchronized cardioversion/defibrillation. YOUR FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT TO US! PLEASE SEND US AN E-MAIL ! YOU ARE THE REASON WE UPDATE! COMING SOON: Labs Please note: Scenarios, 12 Lead, X-Rays, and Medications are in-App purchase add-ons.

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