Complete Class Organizer - Student Version


Complete Class Organizer - Student Version

The one app to organize all your classes! Take notes while recording lectures and the audio syncs to the text, manage homework & exam dates, store & calculate grades, and organize info for every class. This app differs from other note-taking apps in that it's designed specifically for students to help them manage all classes throughout their school career. FEATURED REVIEWS "This app contains the right solution to help solve every studying technique there is." - "I evaluated several note taking applications for the iPad and have come to the conclusion that the best all-in-one app is Complete Class Organizer" - "My college aged son turned me on to this app. He said, 'This is by far the best planner and note taker app I’ve ever seen.'" - KEY FEATURES: • Synchronize notes with lecture recordings. Simply double-tap a word for quick playback. • Take notes by typing and drawing • Share notes with classmates over Bluetooth • Calculate and store class grades with a feature-packed Grade Calculator • Generate, print, and email your weekly class schedule (rotating schedules coming to Version 2.0) • Import PDF, PPT, and other docs from the web and from email attachments (annotation and highlighting coming to Version 2.0) • Dropbox and Google Docs integration • Task organizer for homework assignments, exams, and to-do list items with local notifications and iCal integration • Auto-bulleting and numbered lists in notes • Math, statistics, and logic symbols in notes and drawings • View class websites and syllabi within the app • Organize all your class info -- meeting times, locations, instructor info, class websites, and more • Quick-access web browser within notes with access to popular reference sites • Full backup/restore system over iCloud, Wifi, or USB • Password protect the app and the web browser •• Version 2.0 is under development and will be packed with many more features! •• ************************************************************************************ QUICK ACCESS TO ALL YOUR NOTES Your classes are intuitively organized by semester and session, making it easy to locate specific classes and sessions. Eventually you'll have hundreds of notes from your classes. Without a good organization system, other note-taking apps become cluttered and unusable. RECORDING WITH WORD SYNC This powerful feature will help save you time and frustration while studying. Record your lectures while typing and you can later tap on any word to play back what the instructor said the moment you typed that word. This will allow you to quickly find specific parts of your lecture and fill in anything you might have missed. GRADE CALCULATOR Keep track of all your graded assignments, quizzes, labs, exams and your class grade will be automatically calculated. You can also calculate what grade you'll need on an exam to get a specific grade in the class. FEWER NOTEBOOKS This app is designed to replace your numerous class notebooks and binders. Keep your notes from your entire school career with you at all times in one place, in case you ever need to go back and reference older notes. Lighten your backpack and save money on notebooks every semester. •• TAP THE "DEVELOPER WEB SITE" BUTTON ON THE LEFT TO SEE MORE SCREENSHOTS ••

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    The rest of the app is very helpful for college students
    Then the writing/ note taking part works in conjunction with audio”
    I have tried many note taking apps and organizational apps”
    I am an avid note taker in my classes”
    I have the added luxury of being able to record lectures
    Must have for high school students
    Best Note APP with Best Tech Support
    It is not great at word processing
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    It recorded but was unable to play back

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