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Chess Pro Free HD

Get smarter by playing a smarter opponent. Or your iPad. Chess Pro HD uses a strong alpha-beta pruning search algorithm rated at over 2500 ELO. It's probably the strongest chess engine available in the App Store. Improve your chess by playing against a strong computer chess engine. Choose the desired difficulty and start playing. You can also play with a friend. Games can be played with a time control limit. Play all the types of fast chess:rapid, blitz, bullet, etc by setting the time limit for each game. In its free version Chess Pro HD difficulty level is set to medium. You can activate the full version which lets you access all the features: * play against another player (on the same device); * choose the desired level of difficulty * choose between several styles of play: "passive", "solid", "active", "aggressive" or "suicidal". * choose between 7 piece sets and 7 board colors. * enable/disable "permanent brain". With this feature activated the computer will think up moves even when it's not its turn to move. Enable this feature for maximum playing strength. * save and load games to pgn files. Share them with your chess partners via email. * get hints from the computer when you don't know what to move * flip the board * edit the board to start a game with custom piece locations (check the attached screenshots) * take back the last move or all moves, redo it, replay the whole game. You can even force the computer to move when you want with the Move now button. This will stop the thinking process and force the computer to move the current best move. To further improve your game skills download our chess problems collection: "Grand Master Chess Classics". "Grand Master Chess Classics" is a collection of very old and very rare chess problem books. If you don't know how to play chess and you want to learn the basics of the game then you should download "Grand Master Chess - A beginner collection". ********************************** If you have a problem please contact us through the contact form at We can't offer support through reviews nor can we contact you to solve your problem via reviews. The in-app that disables the ads is a non-consumable product. That means you only have to purchase it once, no matter how many times you reinstall the app or in how many iPads you install it (as long as you use the same iTunes account with which you purchased it). To re-disable the ads go through the purchase process again, confirm you want to buy the in-app and then you'll get a confirmation that you already had purchased the product and the ads will disappear again. ***************************************

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