Introducing Atomic Tiles: an Exploration of Atoms and Molecules, designed by Dr. Seth Bush, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Cal Poly University, specializing in Chemical Education and developed by Dr. Fred Ventura, Ventura Educational Systems. Atoms are nature's building blocks. Everything is made of atoms. Atomic Tiles is an active learning tool where students explore how atoms come together to form molecules. Using Atomic Tiles students begin to understand the structure of atoms. Students learn that an atom has a dense inner core called the nucleus that contains protons and neutrons. The outer layer of an atom contains the electrons called the electron cloud. Most chemical properties properties of atoms, including how atoms bond to one another, are the result of the outermost electrons in the 'electron cloud' known as valence electrons. Atomic Tiles depict valence electrons as open or closed circles, similar to Lewis Dots. Open circles are electrons that can be shared to form bonds. Closed circles are electrons that are not shared. Targeted Development of Science Concepts in the Following Areas: Atomic Structure - Neutrons, Protons and Electrons Valence Electrons - Covalent Bonding Properties of Elements - The Periodic Table of Elements Building Molecules - An Interactive Exploration of Molecular Structures

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