zLocation safely name and share any location


zLocation safely name and share any location

zLocation is all about simple, accurate, and safe location sharing. Create, name and share locations with your friends, family and colleagues. Your friends don't even have to have zLocation or any other special software installed. You can create a location anywhere in the World, or at your current GPS location and then name it something memorable or let the system assign it a short name. Once you've created a zLocation its name is saved in the zLocation system and points to the location you picked. Then you share the zLocation by name with friends via SMS, email, Twitter, Facebook, over the phone or on printed materials. Features: ★ Free and no ads ★ No signup required ★ Create unlimited zLocations anywhere ★ Name your locations ★ Safe and private by nature of anonymity ★ History of viewed and created zLocations ★ Search for places by address, business name or zLocation name ★ Walking and driving directions ★ Unlimited sharing with anyone (cross-platform) ★ ★ SMS ★ ★ Email ★ ★ Facebook ★ ★ Twitter ★ ★ Over the phone ★ ★ On printed materials People using zLocation found it useful for: ★ EVENTS tag important places attendees need to know ★ MEET-UP meet someone at a concert or university ★ REMEMBER tag historic places in your life If you have any features requests, please feel free to contact us. We love hearing new ideas as we know they will help us improve zLocation. zLocation: ^zLocation Twitter: @zLocationTeam email: hello@zlocation.com

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