Zap-Kapow! The Comic Book Price Guide


Zap-Kapow! The Comic Book Price Guide

Need to know the value of an old issue of Superman or The Avengers? Want to see what the price is for the first comic book legend Stan Lee did for Marvel Comics? Missing a few issues of Batman, The Amazing Spider-Man, Deadpool or other some other hero and can't remember which ones? Have a variant X-Men cover or pile of old horror comics you need to know more about? Stay up-to-date with Zap-Kapow! As new issues and price updates are released every month, you'll never need to lug around a bulky comic book price guide or other reference material again. Search Zap-Kapow's library of over 200,000 issues for publisher, writer, artist and price guide info as well as to see (and save) covers to make sure you're referencing the right comic book. From The Walking Dead to Iron Man, superheroes, horror or cartoon comic books, Zap-Kapow has it all! Monthly updates are available as in-app purchases that add over 1,150 new issues and variants to the 200,000 that are already there, as well as updates to the prices themselves. Any update gives you ALL the updates. Skip a few months and then your 99-cent in-app update will still give you all the months you missed. Update every month, or whenever you want for the same price and get the latest ... it's completely up to you! ************************************ NOTE: A few folks have also mentioned in the reviews that they couldn't find titles they were searching for. Nearly 9 times out of 10 they're misspelling it (i.e. "Spider-Man" not "Pider-Man"). Spelling is important. Also just want to make it SUPER-CLEAR that we actually read and reply to ALL e-mails and questions we're sent. Every one of them. So if you are having an issue, can't find a title, etc., please hit us up at and we'll troubleshoot, update and otherwise go out of our way to remedy your issue. We'd much prefer that opportunity to a negative review that is usually a misunderstanding or just plain INACCURATE. And, just to double-down on the above explanation of how updates work, monthly price guide updates are NOT REQUIRED to use this app. If you update to be current down the line once or never is up to you, but you have access to 200,000+ issues from the day you purchase it on. Thanks, and see you in the 25-cent bins! ************************************

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  • Highligths
    I have noticed that people will whine about the monthly updates
    Comic book fan = Must have this app”
    Offline mode and a listing of owned comics”
    I have never experienced customer service like I have from them”
    Barcode scan”
    It's very user friendly
  • Keep in mind
    Don't spend money
    Now it says needs internet connection
    Not good for comic collectors”
    Search function is horrible -- doesn't result in finding a specific issue”
    There is no offline mode
    Also paying for each monthly update is absurd”

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