A lot can happen with a Wink… ;-) XWinks (Xpress Winks) is a unique multifaceted theme based communication app that allows you to combine photo messaging and texting. Add a new dimension to your mundane texting by texting ON customized images. Capture and share your experience through photo texting along with the quick winks and image chatting features. This app allows for a faster, lighthearted, and easier way to express your thoughts and stay connected. Have fun and convey your Xpressions through each image. Miles shouldn’t separate you from friends, WHY WAIT….WINK AWAY!!! FREE for a whole year, for such a cool app! WHY USE XWinks: PHOTO TEXTING: Text on pictures and camera shots with ease and convey your thoughts instantly. Experience a new way of sharing pictures, while you still maintain your thread of communication. Increase/decrease and rotate your image as well as the text; also choose your own text color. QUICK WINKS: Pretext messages for the ones who want to send a quick Hi, LOL, Yay, Ooh La La, Luv U… no more fumbling for words, use pretexts. CUSTOM WINKS: Dynamically personalize your text on a variety of vibrant custom images and send as Winks. Internet: XWinks uses your Internet connection, 3G/4G or Wi-Fi when available. Send zillion messages to your friends anywhere in the world as long as they have XWinks installed, avoid local and international SMS costs. ADVANTAGES: 1. Building Relations: Interact in a fun/flirty/endearing ways with XWinks dynamic messaging, no more misunderstandings that arise from common text/chat apps. 2. Size does matter – keep it concise – with 140 characters. Avoid confusion that comes from texts that resemble a novel. 3. Personalize your gallery and camera snaps with your own text in your own style (increase/decrease and rotate your image as well as the text; also choose your own text color) 4. No more Usernames and Passwords: Your address book is used to automatically connect you with your existing phone address book contacts having the app. 5. Works with your phone number, just like SMS would, and integrates seamlessly with your phone contacts having the app. 6. Always ON and always CONNECTED. NOTE: XWinks is a messaging app based on phone contact as identity and as such iPod or iPad are NOT supported devices.

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