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Woot Math: A hands-on approach to teaching fractions and decimals for 3rd - 7th grade. Woot Math is a researched-based math supplement designed to build genuine number sense and conceptual understanding of fractions and decimals. Fractions are hard. Woot Math makes it possible for students to truly master fractions – the most common barrier to algebra success. Woot Math automatically generates and assesses thousands of standards-aligned problems to meet each student's personal needs. The application interleaves these problems with short, tailored instruction that provides genuine differentiated instruction that has been authored and carefully reviewed by master classroom teachers and leading math education researchers. And it works: with a grant from the National Science Foundation, Woot Math was able to demonstrate efficacy and that its adaptive capabilities had significant impacts on learning outcomes. Join us. Sign up today. Together we can close the gap. Features * Intuitive and interactive experience that students love * Highly engaging, hands-on digital manipulatives * Adaptive engine that generates and assess thousands of standards-aligned problems * Personalized, research-based, carefully constructed instruction * A rich teacher dashboard that provides detailed reports on student progress by topic or standard * All student work is captured and available for offline review, reports, and further differentiation * Supported on the iPad and Web platforms (laptops, netbooks, or desktops) * Designed to work well with school networks and wi-fi that are often overloaded What Teachers are saying… “I love this teaching tool. It is driven by what each student already knows and then adapts to their learning. The interactive features of moving fraction pieces around and the visuals are super helpful, because it gives students a conceptual understanding of fractions. I think WOOT is something that 4-5th grade teachers, as well as MS math teachers who need some support, should use in their classroom. I am a big fan of it and so are my students.” – Jeanette Scotti, 4th Grade Teacher My students absolutely LOVE Woot Math! I love hearing the excitement in their voice as they say “I got a WOOT!” And Woot Math has absolutely helped them work with fractions. On a recent test my students scored a 99% on all questions related to fraction definition and unit fractions. – Sara Penley, 3rd Grade Teacher Woot Math provides high quality activities that develop conceptual and procedural understanding of fractions. The self-paced environment is both engaging and effective in meeting individual student needs. And the teacher dashboard gives the teacher with a wealth of information that can be used to target interventions or extensions. – Michael Matassa, 6th Grade Teacher “The adaptive nature of Woot Math makes it simple for teachers to integrate into their classroom for all students. The feedback it provides both teachers and students on their progress helps inform instruction as well as motivates the students.” – Axel Reitzig, K-12 Technology Coordinator "Woot Math is a user friendly product that delivers on the promise of making foundational rational number concepts more accessible to students of all grade levels. This engaging and powerful app has helped to bridge the gap in my student's learning." – William Bailey, Middle School Math Teacher "Woot Math has allowed my struggling middle school students to finally understand fractions without feeling self-conscious learning the skills." – Robin Mosteller, Middle School Math Teacher "Woot Math is an engaging approach to teaching fractions. Students use their visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles to make sense of fractions, from the concrete to the abstract. It is an excellent tool for any classroom." – Patricia Pluta, K-8 Math Coach Support: team@wootmath.com 1-855-WOOT-MATH @wootmath Visit www.wootmath.com to learn more.

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