Wombi Tower - a puzzle construction game for kids


Wombi Tower - a puzzle construction game for kids

*** Learn to build your own structure – but be careful not to knock it down!*** See how high you can build your house without it falling over! Piece by piece, players take turns adding building sections to create a larger and larger tower. Don’t let the badger construction manager distract you with his nervousness as you place each shape on top of the last. Whoever places the piece that knocks the structure down loses! How high can you build? EXCITING! Hold your breath as you drag the next piece to the building…Will you be able to make it? EASY TO USE Playing this game is as easy as tapping an object and dragging it along the touchscreen. Just try to keep a steady hand… UNLIMITED PLAYERS This is a social and digital version of a board game! Play by yourself, with a friend, or with your entire family! WONDERFUL SETTING Enjoy the colorful illustrations, fun animations, entertaining sound effects, and playful music while you play Wombi Tower! Can you “keep it together” under pressure?

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