White Noise Ambience Lite


White Noise Ambience Lite

“THE NAP APP,” SEEN AROUND THE WORLD FROM AUSTRALIA TO THE US. FEATURED ON CBS NEWS, THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, THE DAILY MAIL, THE SUN , THE NEW YORK TIMES AND OTHER MAJOR NEWSPAPERS ACROSS THE GLOBE. White Noise Ambience Lite is being used all over the world as the ultimate sleep-aid device. It can help you sleep soundly in environments that can be problematic for restful sleep. Just read our reviews and to see how many people are sleeping better since they started using White Noise Ambience Lite. Includes high-quality looped sounds such as Ocean Waves, Floor Fan, Thunderstorm and Campfire. FEATURED IN THE DAILY MAIL (UK): "It's the nap-app! Weary father invents iPad solution to sleepless nights after being kept awake by twin babies" FEATURED IN THE THE SUN (UK): "This nap app works by playing soothing sounds — and is proving a hit with thousands worldwide." SEEN ON CBS NEWS (US): "Can't get to sleep? Now there's an app for that." CUSTOMER REVIEWS: "I have had sleeping problems for years and have never found a working solution such as this app. I sleep deeply every night and wake up so rested, it's incredible. I have never written a review and probably never will again, but I could not miss an opportunity to tell you that you should definitely get this app." "One of the best apps I have found for noises, especially ocean sounds! Other apps sound fake or repetitive and most stop with the sounds of waves after like 10 minutes!. This app is great and all of its sounds are awesome. Can't sleep without it!!" FEATURES - 76 High Quality, Relaxing Sounds. - 76 Retina Images - Downloadable Sounds from our Store - Digital Clock which includes 3 different styles, multiple colors and brightness controls. - Library View: View the entire sound database quickly as icons - Favorites: Create a quick list of favorite sounds. - Playlist: Create a playlist of sounds and mixes. - Mixes: Make a mix of up to 4 sounds. - Sound Timers: Stop the audio at your discretion. - Swipe Navigation: just swipe left or right to navigate. - Audio Interrupt Handling - Independent Volume Control - Speaker Balance Control - iPod Control Integration - Background Audio Support - Logarithmic Fade - iPhone X and Retina Display - Compatibility with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini 76 AMBIENT SOUNDS AND IMAGES INCLUDED Ocean Waves, Insects, Train Ride, Thunderstorm, Campfire, Floor Fan, Sprinkler, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Forest Dawn, Restaurant, Rain On Car, Grandfather Clock, Cat Purring, Washing Machine, Rain On Umbrella, Airplane Cabin, Traffic, Lake Dock, Hair Dryer, Fridge, Vinyl Record, Steam Train, Cave, Dishwasher, Bathtub Running, Sandstorm, Clothes Dryer, Downspout, Cable Car Ride, Kettle, Waterfall, Ocean Storm, Hailstorm, Alarm Clock, Typewriter, Country Meadow, Blue Noise, Purple Noise, Pink Noise, White Noise and 30 Free Extra Sounds Found In Our Store UPGRADE TODAY!!! Upgrade for just $1.99 and get all of the above, plus: - NO ADS!!! - More Sounds! Choose from a total of 116 high quality, relaxing sounds, including Bacon Frying, Airplane Cabin and many more. - More Images! 116 Retina Images - More Digital Clock Options! - Choose from 3 different clock styles, with multiple colors. - Bigger Playlist! Add more then 4 sounds to your playlist. - More Mixes! Create more then 4 mixes. SUPPORT If you have any questions regarding the function of the app please use the in-app manual in the information tab to help you. Please email support@logicworks101.com with suggestions for future features or to report bugs.

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    Runs in the background and has a nice clock feature
    I love this white Noise Ambient sound app :”
    Good variety of sounds and options for saving combinations”
    The clock features help you get a good night's sleep anywhere”
    One of the very best sleep apps I've used”
    My noise machine was packed and this truly came in handy”
    This is very relaxing my favorite is Rain on Car”
    That cat purring one puts me to sleep faster than NyQuil”
    Helps mom and the kids fall asleep better at night
    I sleep soundly with the soothing sounds of the fan”
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    Nothing here… Users found nothing but good things to say about this app!

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