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WhateverMap Lite

WhateverMap is similar to Google Maps but you can use different branch-specific map sources. Those sources should be more interesting and valuable in non-navigation filed of map using. WhateverMap use Web Map Services (WMS). WMS standard specification was created by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). WMS may provide any geospatial data. There are many WMS servers and most of them are available for free. You can find servers with ortophoto, cadastral, soil types, migration of white storks, ... simply WHATEVER. You can add any WMS server by typing an URL address or simply use built-in catalog. There are some servers with interesting data as NASA Earth satellite photos, Mars satellite photos and many others. There is a rich list of Czech WMS servers. You can browse a map using zoom-in, zoom-out or move. For better orientation it is possible to use actual position provided by built-in GPS module. Each WMS should map only limited area so there is a boundary of each map. It is possible to display whole map with boundary too. It is possible to consume many sources in this application. So there is an easy way to change a source while browsing the map. You can easily compare the same area in different map sources. For example you can find out any building and then you can choose soil type map to determine stability of building's foundation. For better control of map there is a movement history. Sometimes GPS get lost a signal and display non-precision region. In this case it is possible to use undo and get more precision area before you get lost a signal. There is another interesting way to use the history. You can move around an area in first map layer and then use the same movements in different layers. For example you can follow a road and then you can use map layer with water or soil pollution to find out effect of road to water or soil quality. MAP CONTROL: ・ ZOOM-IN – double tap ・ ZOOM-OUT – triple tap ・ MOVEMENT – swipe on map FEATURES: - Consume any WMS server map data (ortofoto, cadastral, mars, ... WHATEVER) - Map browsing (move, zoom) - Support history in map movements (UNDO, REDO) - Display your current location - Display map boundary - Change background color - Movement history(UNDO, REDO) - favourite list of WMS WHAT TO EXPECT IN THE NEXT RELEASES: - searching by location name (city, roads, country, ...) - geocoding - caching - saving for offline use - better catalog - landmarks

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