What THIS? flip2PIC Lite


What THIS? flip2PIC Lite

CATACROK, BLOCKS GRAVITY, FLIP2PIC, CITIES…SEARCH 'davidlinan' on AppleStore and see the COMPLETE LIST of games!!! ******* Try today this enhanced version of the classic 
game half its real price! 

Relax and find the hidden images before the time 
is over Remember: do not cover all the boxes, you 
will be needed for the next level!.  

Pre-rendered 3D graphics, improved to 
the interface of the Iphone.  Soundtrack that immerses you in the game 
and play only to listen! 

More than 60 levels and hundreds of photos to guess 
several categories available to choose from: Locations, 
Objects, Animals and others. 

Available in several languages: English, Spanish and German. 
Coming soon in French and Italian. 

 Visit our website and discover tips and tricks 
you will be the first! http://www.flip2pic.com 

 _______________________________________ Other Games:ANZAN The ancient game of mental calculation. Improve your concentration and imaging techniques with ANZAN for iPhone! ************************* More Games: CATACROK!!! If you like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, this is your next game! REVIEWS/AWARDS: 148Apps:"if you’re a fan of the genre then it’s the option to consider next time you plan to make a purchase!" iphonefootprint.com:"Catacrok uses realistic physics to create a great game" AppSpy:".Catacrok is simple and addictive in each level.." 4 out of 5 stars GearDiary:"Great! amazingly addictive" ************************* ICatacrok is not just for smart people, but you have to use your accuracy and strategy to complete all the 60 (75 in the next free update v1.2) levels! Destroy the blue structures without dropping the red boxes. Catacrok features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based structures. Each of the 60 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to complete the objective. Catacrok is perfect to pick up and play anytime. It requires a bit of thinking and skill, and is a very good deal at just $0.99. I say, go get it! _____________________________________ CATACROK IS FREE TOO!! SEARCH CATACROK ON APPSTORE! *******************************

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