What am I flying on ? | Find about your plane.


What am I flying on ? | Find about your plane.

What am I flying on ? is an app that let you find your airplane just by typing a name, a code or a manufacturer. The app is for everyone from the person who wants to know which plane he is will be seating in to the plane lover with really specific data. -- There is no more simpler and better than What am I flying on ? because you have an unique layout and design, accurate data and many functions in the app. -- The data (images included) are coming from a server but the first download requires few MB and then no more ! You can find the name, the codes (IATA & ICAO), the typical and the max number of seats, the take-off field length required (at MTOW), the rate of climb, the cruise altitude, the typical and max cruise speed, the wing span and a beautiful image ! -- Discover new planes with our special tab "Discover" which lets you know about the new planes ! -- Learn about manufacturers ! Go on our "Manufacturers" tab and have a look to their logo, a short summary and their planes. -- Vote for a plane ! You can vote for your favorite plane. Just look the red button and the votes count on the top-right corner of the image. -- Notifications : Choose if you want to know if you want to know when a new plane is available. You can always change mind, so just go in the "More about the app" tab to change the button ! -- Share your plane ! You can share on Facebook and on Twitter. -- Features : - Over 60 different PLANES - 9 different MANUFACTURERS - 11 SPECIFICATIONS about your plane - SEARCH the planes ! or VIEW THEM ALL ! - DISCOVER new planes ! - Learn about MANUFACTURERS - VOTE for your favorite plane ! - Choose if you want to get NOTIFIED or not ! - SHARE your plane ! -- The data is coming from manufacturers website and from Wikipedia. (en.wikipedia.org) -- Images are coming from Flickr and are licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 -- Our website : whatamiflyingon.strikingly.com Support : whatamiflyingon.freshdesk.com Contact : antoinebelldev@gmail.com -- What am I flying on ? or the copyright holder may not be responsible for any claim, damages or other liability linked to the app, the website or the content of the app. -- Made by Antoine Bellanger, GVA | LSGG

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