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★★★★★ The worlds easiest and most intuitive calorie tracker. ★★★★★ The healthiest $2 you’ll ever spend. ★★★★★ No account or online access needed. Watch the great videos: http://www.waisttamer.com GOALS ● Track calories consumed (FOOD!!!) ● Track calories burned (EXERCISE!!!) ● Track weight ● Track body fat percentage HOW IT WORKS It automatically calculates your daily calorie needs everyday based on your gender, age, weight, activity level, and diet plan. All you need to do is enter your daily foods, exercises, and weight. HOW IS THIS APP DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CALORIE TRACKERS Before we created this app, we used several other popular apps and got frustrated with four things: ● Huge databases of duplicate items. For example, we would look up banana and find dozens of the same item forcing us to scroll a lot. ● Too many button taps. Calorie tracking means doing the same thing over and over every day, and we found that there were too many unneeded button taps. ● Unintuitive & complex interfaces. Many of the apps seem to try to add too much information on a little screen. Also, with many of the apps, we found it sometimes difficult to find the information we wanted. ● Online access seems to be required. For many of the apps, expensive online accounts are required, database access is all online, or graphs are only visible if you go to the web site of the product. All of these are inconvenient and significantly slow down your daily use of the app. We solved all of these problems by doing the following: ● Created an excellent built-in database of foods and exercises, WITH NO DUPLICATES. We intend to continually evolve these databases. If you can’t find a particular food or exercise, we make it very easy to add a custom item. ● Minimized the number of button taps for all features. We recognize this is an app used daily with a lot of repetition. ● We keep the screen very simple, to avoid clutter and confusion. ● Everything is built into the app, so no online access is needed for the database, or to view detailed graphs (with the exception of the fun YouTube video). COMBO FOODS We made creating combo food items extremely easy. For example, if you are a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast, then you can create a single custom food that contains all the items (e.g. Coffee with cream and sugar, bowl of cereal, toast, & fruit). If one day you don’t eat the toast, then you can just uncheck that food, and it wont be counted in the combo item. GRAPHS There are several graphs to visualize your progress: ● Bar chart of calories consumed. ● Bar chart of calories burned. ● Pie chart to show the parts of the day where you eat the most. ● Line chart of weight (includes goal weight indicator). ● Line chart of body fat percentage (includes goal percentage indicator). Select date ranges for 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 month periods. Swipe left or right to scan through your history. ADDITIONAL FEATURES ● English or metric units. ● Use a custom 4 digit pin code to further protect your information. ● Easily go to any date you want to enter calorie, weight, and body fat information. ● The home screen can additionally show a 7 day history to let you know if you’ve been cheating too much. Time to tame your waist!!!

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