Join a growing community of aural enthusiasts and share your thoughts through simple voice clips with VoiceBo! VoiceBo is more than just voice messaging platform. VoiceBo is also community of real individuals from a colorful mix of backgrounds - sharing their ideas, dreams, interests and more through simple voice clips. Real human voices bring an air of authenticity to content, creating a highly personal experience for all to enjoy. VoiceBo is the perfect tool for those looking to cultivate an audience, or to communicate with others directly - an ideal platform for journalists, bloggers, artists and just about anyone else who wants to communicate more effectively and personally online. Users simply record a short voice clip of 5 minutes or less, called a “VoiceBo“ then add additional optional extras such as an image, description and location, and instantly upload their content to their personal feed. Those who prefer to explore VoiceBo’s can stay in the know by following the feed of their favorite users or searching through VoiceBo’s according to hash tag. Moreover, VoiceBo’s can be shared outside the VoiceBo platform and across the globe via Facebook, Email, or Twitter. Meet new people and engage with your friends, family, colleagues and clients like never before. With VoiceBo! Features SPEED: Create and Share VoiceBo’s almost instantly SHARE: Flexible publishing capabilities allow for Direct or Public sharing SOCIAL: Follow other users, tag content, Like and Comment on VoiceBo’s and more GO GLOBAL: Leave VoiceBo messages from anywhere around the world

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