Fast. Simple. Vibrant. Great HDR photos with every click vividHDR is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) camera application that captures brilliant pictures with amazing details in both highlights and shadows. The lean camera UI puts you at the center of the photographic process, while our advanced patent-pending algorithms ensure perfectly exposed, sharp and artistic HDR images. Once you are done, share your images instantly to Flickr, Facebook and Dropbox, without having to leave vividHDR. vividHDR now takes 5 exposure bracketed images on iPhone 5 and above, iPod 6th Generation and above and iPad 3rd generation and above ************************************** What reviewers are saying: “It’s a true HDR app that creates stunning bright and vibrant color photos.” – “I was very impressed by the quality of the images created, which is really at the top.” – “vividHDR will be among the very best HDR apps available.” – “It offers more options, has a better interface, and has powerful tone-mapping, ghost-removal, and merge and alignment algorithms that leave you with better pictures in the end.” – ************************************* What users are saying: “vividHDR is hands down, the best HDR app available for iOS” “Spectacular pics from the most amateur photographer. Really easy to use.” “Fastest HDR pics” “Nothing comes close in terms of naturalistic blending.” ************************************* Reach us: #vividHDR ************************************* App features: Full resolution HDR images. Universal app Take 3 or 5 bracketed shots or just leave it to us to decide. Intelligent algorithms to automatically analyze the scene and get the best exposures to capture details accurately in both highlights and shadows to deliver the best HDR image. You can get 7 stops of additional dynamic range over the regular camera. Fast processing vividHDR bracket shoots and generates your HDR. Snappy fast. All this is done at the full resolution supported by the device and is always ready for the next shot. Presets and styles Control the look and style of your HDR image. Choose from a set of presets obtained from advanced tone mapping techniques. You also have the option to change the preset immediately after capture in the auto-preview mode. Sharp HDR images You do not need a tripod to capture great HDR images. Intelligent algorithms automatically compensate for camera shake. Advanced ghost removal techniques ensure that you get sharp images even with moving objects and fluttering leaves in your scene. Lazy HDR Lazy HDR mode to capture now, style later. Change the presets and edit in non-destructive manner at any point of time for HDRs shot in Lazy HDR mode. Editing Fine editing and post-processing controls for final touches to your HDR images. Controls for basic and advanced editing. Basic editing provides control over Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature and Tint of the image. Advanced edits such as Details, Highlights and Shadows allow control over the tone mapping process. Image formats Save images in JPEG format with good quality level. Additional option to store images lossless in TIFF format (lossless compression) ensure you don’t lose even those minute details. Gallery Feature to view your HDR images as a single photo, or a thumbnail view for fast browsing and group deleting. Compare your photos 'before-and-after' HDR. It also provides an option to save HDR images to Camera Roll. Picture information Supports EXIF and Geo-tag to save the location information. Sharing Share your pictures instantly to Flickr, Facebook and Dropbox, without having to leave the app. You can also E-mail the photo. ************************************* Upcoming features: Improvements in quality of HDR images

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