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Virtual Human Body

*** New - Virtual Human Body, now offers the pronunciation *** *** Virtual Human Body was named in App Store Best of 2012! *** *** Virtual Human Body is recommended by top U.S.-licensed doctors on HealthTap. *** Explore the human anatomy from head to toe and from skin to bones with the Virtual Human Body, a lifelike human model combined with an anatomical dictionary. At last, on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch: the Virtual Human Body! Discover what’s hiding within your body: locate the various organs in their context, and learn more about their functions. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or simply naturally curious, the Virtual Human Body invites you to a fascinating exploration of the mechanics at play within the human body. THE VIRTUAL HUMAN BODY INCLUDES: • 11 systems of the human body depicted through our lifelike model • over 1000 anatomical structures named and defined • an anatomical dictionary including a textual search engine • the possibility to overlap two systems so as to better visualize the interrelations between bones, muscles and organs ============ THE APPLICATION OFFERS: • Three display modes: * model only * model with red markers (gives access to the name of each structure) * model with overlapping window (allows you to display two systems simultaneously) • Various points of view on the human body, thanks to: * a zoom tool (allows you to enlarge a system up to 16 times its original size) * a layer tool (gives access to cross-sections) * multiple view angles (anterior, posterior, lateral, superior and inferior) • Easy navigation: tap a red marker to access all the information related to an anatomical structure. • A search engine to quickly locate a structure and situate it in its context • A rich anatomical dictionary ============ Download the Virtual Human Body, the lightest and most dynamic anatomical atlas! **No Internet connection required, except for updates. THE 11 SYSTEMS • Morphology * Male morphology * Female morphology • Skeleton * General anatomy * Skull • Muscles * General anatomy • Nervous system * General anatomy * Brain • Lymphatic system * General anatomy • Cardiovascular system * Veins * Veins and arteries * Arteries * Heart • Respiratory system * General anatomy • Digestive system * General anatomy • Urinary system * Male urinary system • Reproductive system * Male reproductive system * Female reproductive system • Endocrine system * Male endocrine system The anatomy of the human body as you’ve never seen it!

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