Video Calc II Tutor


Video Calc II Tutor

Video Calc II Tutor by Larry Green With 24 MAJOR CATEGORIES & 84 VIDEO LECTURES totaling over 7 HOURS of lessons, Video Calc I Tutor covers first part of a four part series in college calculus curriculum in video, tutorial form. * These 87 VIDEOS are in app, not streamed from Internet. You can use this product anywhere. Video Calc II Tutor lessons include: Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integration * Antiderivatives * Area * The Definite Integral * The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus o Using the 1st Fundamental Theorem of Calculus o Finding Area of a Region o Finding the Average Value o Using the 2nd Fundamental Theorem of Calculus o The Chain Rule and the 2nd Fundamental Theorem o Integration Props and the 2nd FTC o Sketching the Graph of y = f (x) Given the Graph of y = f '(x) Logs, Exponents and Transcendental Functions * Logs and Derivatives * Logs and Integrals * Inverse Functions * Exponential Functions * Other Bases * Derivatives of Inverse Trig Functions o Derivatives Involving arcsin x o Derivatives Involving arctan x o Derivatives Involving arcsec x * Integrals Involving Inverse Trig Functions o Integrals Involving arcsin x o Integrals Involving arctan x o Integrals Involving arcsec x * Hyperbolic Trig Functions o Integrals that Contain Hyperbolic Trig o Using Inverse Hyperbolic Trig for Integration Differential Equations * Slope Fields and Euler's Method * Growth and Decay Applications of Integration * Area Between Two Curves * Volume by Disks and Washers and Cross-Sections o How to Use the Washer Method o Revolving About a Line Below the x-axis o Revolving About a Line Above the x-axis o Volumes by Cross Section * Volumes by Cylindrical Shells o Using the Method of Cylindrical Shells o Revolving About a Line Other than the y-axis * Arc Length and Surface Area o Finding Arc Length o Surface of Revolution About the y-axis o Surface of Revolution About the x-axis * Work o Using Hooke's Law o Work to Send a Satellite Into Orbit o Work Done Lifting a Chain o Work Done Emptying a Tank * Center of Mass o Finding the Centroid o Using the Theorem of Pappus * Fluid Pressure o Finding the Fluid Pressure on a Vertical Triangle o Finding the Fluid Pressure on a Vertical Semi-Circle Integration Techniques, L'Hopital's Rule and Improper Integrals * Integration by Parts * Integrating Powers of Trig Functions * Arc Trig Substitution * Partial Fractions * L'Hopital's Rule o Applying L'Hopital's Rule Twice o L'Hopital's Rule With Exponents o L'Hopital's Rule of the Form 0 Times Infinity * Improper Integrals o Improper Integrals (Upper Bound is Infinity) o Improper Integrals (With an Asymptote) *** Each audio & video study guide app has been meticulously created by iPREPpress LLC, a leader in educational iPod, iPhone & mobile device development & distribution.

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