The Official USA Roller Sports App USARS App is an amazing resource developed by the national governing body for competitive Roller Sports in the United States–USA Roller Sports. Coaches, skaters, parents and fans of Roller Skating  - Use it as a valuable tool to enhance training and knowledge of the sport! This innovative technology is designed for roller skaters of all ages and abilities with information and educational tools such as video clips of elements, video motion analysis tools, create your program features, games, and much more. Learn Comprehensive Instructional Video Library of Roller Skating Moves, Jumps, and Spins Recorded by Experts – USA Roller Sports: View high quality video demonstrations of Roller Skating moves performed by experts, with zoom and slow playback ability frame by frame, for an exact understanding. Easily compare model video against your own-recorded video simultaneously. Identify and avoid common errors before they become habits by reading tips and common errors associated with specific moves, jumps, and spins. These tips were written by pros, to help you develop good habits and identify and fix problems. Analyze Yourself With this remarkable feature you may analyze your moves, jumps, and spins with precise accuracy using the motion analysis tools that allow you to draw on your recorded videos and playback frame by frame and zoom. Save a video for future analysis and categorize for easy accessibility. Coaches–Keep a log of your students’ videos by naming and filing recorded and analyzed videos of your students. Compare your recorded videos against another video either side-by-side or overlaid, with precise accuracy. The compare video feature allows you to sync two videos, either from your video library or from the Instructional Video Library included in the application. You can now benefit from a thorough understanding of a particular move, jump, or spin by comparing your recorded video against a model video in the Instructional Video Library at the same time. Sketch My Program This innovative one of a kind technology will allow you to sketch a program, add in the elements of the program, and sync music with the sketched program.  When synced with your music, you may playback the program and watch as the indicator moves across the screen indicating the elements in the program, while in sync with your music. Chat Skater’s Chat allows you to chat within the application with other skaters around the world.  You can immediately share your thoughts and comments on a particular skating topic or move with other skaters. Play Stay Informed on Roller Skating Terminology As You Entertain Yourself With These Fun Games and Trivia All for Roller Skating:    • Dress Up    • Word Search    • Crossword Puzzles    • Hangman    • Match It Up    • Skating Trivia    • Find Your Way Resources Deepen Your Knowledge on the Sport of Roller Skating: Learn about the sport of Roller Skating with the many resources included such as:    • Dictionary    • Figure Events    • Test Requirements    • General Information    • Spin Factors   • Jump Factors    • Locate a Rink Credits A special thank you to the following volunteers for their hard work and contributions to the development of this application: COACHES Gloria Manning Michael Jacques Chris Baerg Vickie Bateman Ana Carrier-Barton Bob Carrier Sylvia Haffke Caroline Mirelli Heidi Permatteo Jim Pringle Tony Berger HISTORIES John Cawley SKATERS John Burchfield Ashley Clifford Tabatha Clark Kaitlyn Bateman Olivia Permatteo Troy Tucker Devon Jacobson Cesia Salan Aliana Chiappone DISCLAIMER: Improper use of the USARS App could result in bodily harm. Please do not attempt any maneuvers demonstrated in this application while holding an iPhone, iTouch or iPad on the rink. USA Roller Sports is not responsible for injuries resulting from direct or indirect use of this app.

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