US Warfare: Invasion


US Warfare: Invasion

From the Makers of top selling game "2012 Zombies Vs Aliens" (played over 10 Million times!), comes another epic gaming series with totally new gameplay! Enjoy! :) Description of US Warfare Series ****** US WARFARE ****** Introducing "US Warfare", the game that pushes the iOS gaming experience to the very edge! Hold your breath Sergeant, here comes a list of features: ****** KILLER FEATURES ****** * Enjoy Tower Defence + Real Time Strategy! * Multiple strategic dimensions. * Featuring SandBox mechanics: * Use sandbox to protect your soldiers! * Build up stealth teams of soldiers! * Introducing Construction Bases: * Send out soldiers & occupy construction bases! * "Build" different weapons to defend your line! * Machine Gun, Cannon, Gas Cannon, * Anti-Tank Cannon and more... * Construct Airport to send out fighter Jets! * Construct Tank Factory to send out tanks! * 12 Unique soldiers with different abilities * Poisonous Gas emitting gunner! * Anti-Tank Soldier * Nurse with healing power * Alien Assassinator that can turn his enemies into Zombies * Death Wizard * Alien Dog * and much more! * Complex Battle Strategies that are heavily involved: - Enjoy Tower Defence + Real Time Strategy. - Balance your defence, attack, and soldiers to win. - Spamming with tanks and airplanes won't work! - Are you up for the challenge? * Special ability: Turn solider into Zombies! * More then 50 "Game Centre" achievements! * Over 50 "Open Feint" achievements! * Complete Game Centre integration! * Full OpenFeint leader-boards integration! * Original background music and sound effects! This in not all. There are some surprise features in the game. Download it to discover! ;D ****** The Story ****** The world is changing. Times are extreme. Things are tough... This time, the war is not international. Its extraterrestrial! The world was in peace, then came the Aliens! Aliens, are here to fight against just one country. You are a soldier, your duty is to protect the nation. Will you be able to protect the nation or turn it into a messy, filthy and cruel alien playground? Download US Warfare and find out... Note: This is the special limited version of US Warfare. ****** Tell Them ****** Download now and "Tell ALL Your friends!" The more people play the game, the more awesome games you will get from infiniDy! [;D] One more thing, the more people play the game, the more cool updates you will be getting! Go Tell Them All! What are you waiting for? Fire On, Soldier! Go Save USA! ************************ GOD BLESS AMERICA! ************************

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    They combined rts with tower defense and made this amazing game”
    Enjoy tower defence real time strategy
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    The game play is boring”

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