urWell is a simple lifestyle tracker that helps you examine the connection between your happiness and well-being and your choices about work, play, relationships, and personal growth, and health. ===Features=== -Choose from over 50 areas of your life to track -Rate how you’re doing using sliding scales -Enter personalized notes -Visualize your data over time using simple graphs -Examine trends and become more mindful in your life ===Testimonials=== “Although my physical health has been up and down, after tracking I realized that how good I feel is actually most connected to my financial security.” ~Kim C. “Before using urWell, I thought my energy was low because of bad sleep. After tracking, I realized I had only slept badly a couple of nights. Now I’m tracking other things to find the real cause." ~Emily S. “I found that my connection to nature can have a bigger impact on my wellness and productivity than even a good night's rest.” ~Arlene S. ===Tips=== -Choose to track the areas of your life that are most important or challenging for you. -Start small by choosing just a few areas to track and build from there. -You’ll get the most insight if you track daily for at least three weeks. -The “address a bit of everything” category allows you to see all tracking options. -To turn off the notifications, go to the Reminders tab on the bottom right of the iPhone screen, and set the 'Enable notifications' switch to Off on that screen. -For extra fun and motivation, invite your friends to track common areas and share your insights with each other. The more you track, the more you can understand and examine what makes you tick! urWell helps you connect the dots in your life and see how your everyday choices affect you. For more, visit www.techurself.com/urwell-app.html. Send feedback to info@techurself.com.

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