UrCaddy Golf Stats Analyser and Trainer


UrCaddy Golf Stats Analyser and Trainer

Obtain the statistical analysis the elite golf players receive via the app designed by an actual US PGA Tour Caddy and used by actual PGA Tour Players. "It's so awesome to see your stats in such a clear and concise way and to have a plan to improve and get better!! Love it!!!" -- AARON BADDELEY If you want a clear picture of your golf game, UrCaddy's App is for you, making sense of a previously useless bunch of numbers. Use the UrCaddy App as a standalone program or as the perfect remote accessory to your UrCaddy.com membership. UrCaddy simplifies your golf improvement with the power of golf statistics by turning confusing game stats into a clear picture of your strengths and deficiencies using its unique golf hole display. UrCaddy's unique features and benefits: * Record just 1 or all 18 holes of every round with UrCaddy unlimited free scorecards, featuring: a) Driving distance in meters or yards via built in GPS system. b) Score and average score c) Driving accuracy left, right and center d) Green accuracy, left, right, long, short and middle e) Up and downs f) Sand saves g) Putts and average putts h) Averages scores on par 3's, 4's and 5's * Your golf statistics displayed in the shape of a golf hole are easy to understand. * UrCaddy tracks the greens you hit, but more importantly analyses the ones that miss so you have a greater understanding of your tendencies * View your stats for the last round you played or the last 25 and track your game’s progress. * Evaluate your performance and compare you stats with handicap averages or golf pros like Tiger Woods. * Choose your training path with UrCaddy's unique performance path predictor. * Set your target scoring goals and watch them become reality. * Use UrCaddy's designed training programs or design your own! * Log your training sessions and receive belt ratings which you can share on Facebook. * Improve your game and increase your handicap. Visit UrCaddy.com for help or more information on using UrCaddy's App.

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