Unc Professional - A Units Calculator


Unc Professional - A Units Calculator

Unc Professional is the ad-free version of the popular Unc calculator. Unc is a scientific RPN calculator with completely integrated support for numbers containing units. Far more than simply a units converter, Unc allows you to perform arithmetic operations on numbers containing units, and different units can be freely mixed in calculations. Scientists and engineers know that using units in all calculations avoids mistakes and provides a double check on the consistency of the calculations. Here are just a few examples of the types of calculations you can do with Unc: * Divide any unit of distance by any unit of time to get the speed. The result could be in miles per hour, or feet per second, or meters per minute, or any other such combination of units. * Multiply any unit of speed by any unit of time to get the distance. * Multiply any unit of distance by any other unit of distance to get the area. For example, multiply feet by yards, or miles by miles, or meters by furlongs. In one step, convert the result to any unit of area, such as acres or hectares. * Divide any unit of mass by any unit of volume to get the density. Divide pounds by gallons, or kilograms by liters, or milligrams by tablespoons. * Square a distance to get an area. Multiply an area by a distance to get a volume. Take the cube root of a volume to get a distance. You get the idea! You can perform any arithmetic operation on any quantities containing units. Unc provides the ultimate flexibility in handling units. Unc provides many standard arithmetic operations, including addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, reciprocal, square, cube, square root, cube root, exponentiation, logarithms, trig and inverse trig functions (in degrees or radians) and hyperbolic trig and inverse trig functions. Most of these operations can work on numbers with units. Unc comes with more than 130 built-in units. And if you have a need for a unit that isn't in this list, you can easily define new units. You can use these new units alone or in combination with other units just like the built-in units. Unc is also a full featured integer calculator supporting decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary input and display, a word size of 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 bits, signed or unsigned operation, and a full set of integer operations, including and, or, xor, not, modulus, arithmetic shift, logical shift, circular shift and byte swap.

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