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• Rediscover your music! You probably have a lot of songs in your library that you haven't heard in a long, long time... • If you had a library of 1000 songs, and used simple shuffle to listen to them all for 8 hours a day, you'd hear some songs 16 times while others you'd only hear once... That's crazy! • With True Shuffle, you hear every song in your library, with no repeats until you've heard them all, and you can even ban songs you don't like! Just push the True Shuffle button to queue up every song in your library. You can also listen to songs from a playlist if you want. Once your True Shuffle is started, feel free to quit True Shuffle and use other apps for email, web, games, anything! If you play a movie or song using another app, just come back here and push the True Shuffle button again. Don't worry, True Shuffle will keep track of every song you've listened to (or skipped) even while you're in other apps. With a large music collection, you probably also have songs hiding in dark corners of your library that you don't even like and you wonder how they got there... Just tap the Ban Song button, and you'll never hear the currently playing song again. The song won't be deleted, just hidden from True Shuffling, and you can Un-Ban it at any time. That's it! Tap the True Shuffle button to start listening to every song you own! Tap the button again at any time to look for new music in your library, or if your True Shuffle has stopped. True Shuffle will always remember what songs you've already heard!

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