Truck Driver 3 : Rain and Snow Trucking 3D


Truck Driver 3 : Rain and Snow Trucking 3D

Step on the gas and Get Truckin’ Drive your Truck through heavy Snow and pouring rain Truck Driver 3 sets a new standard in Truck Driving Sims. Unparalleled 3D graphics and game play make this a can’t miss game of 2014. Combines racing with trucks and skills driving. Truck Driver 3 puts you in control of 3 of the biggest, baddest rigs on the road. Your mission : Drive through 12 challenging missions. You must score high to pass the mission and unlock the next. Watch out for that traffic y’all, cause these big trucks have big power. REAL TRUCKS Feel the power behind these big rigs. We used ultra realistic 3D models in this game. Nuttin’ but the best for y’all players. REAL SCENERY Realistic looking 3D landscapes with Rain and Snow. REAL TRAFFIC Realistic 3D buses, cars, and tractors. REALISTIC MISSIONS Complete the mission and score high enough to pass. If you hit too many cones, cars, or barriers you will not pass. MULTIPLE VIEWS Choose to either be right behind the wheel or the view from above. Both add to the superior game play. What other players are saying about Truck Driver “I love all the games in this series. Excited to try this one” -- Randall K. , Santa Fe “Awesome power. I love playing with 'The Big Guy'! - A Rod from Queens “Not easy. Takes major skill to pass some of the higher missions. than a bucket of money.” - Harold K. Baton Rouge You read this far, why not give it a try. Big Trucks. Everybody loves them. Keep on Truckin’ Y’all

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