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Trendy Chem

Trendy Chem is an app designed to help chemistry students learn about periodic trends and atomic structure. It has a built-in proprietary algorithm that generates random questions each time so that you can keep practicing. You can review all the questions at the end of a session with the correct answers to study. This app provides: 1) Ranking elements based on periodic trends such as electronegativity, atomic radius, electron affinity, and ionization energy. 2) Study section that provides key information to mastering atomic structures and periodic trends. 3) Three modes of difficulty: easy, normal, and hard. 4) Unlimited number of questions generated, no pre-defined or set questions. 5) Finding the number of electrons, neutrons, and protons for various elements. 6) Practice determining the periodic family for an element. 7) Includes a periodic table and calculator as resources 8) Practice building stable atoms based on certain build requirements 9) Inspirational quotes to keep you motivated!

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