Trapster - Speed Traps & Road Hazards, Real Time Traffic, Driving app


Trapster - Speed Traps & Road Hazards, Real Time Traffic, Driving app

Trapster® is your #1 driving companion. The worldwide community of over 21 million drivers works together to alert you of dangerous obstacles that pop up during your daily commute, road trips and other travels. You can help your fellow drivers by running Trapster and reporting traps and hazards such as accidents, construction zones, traffic jams, live police, when you see them. Trapster drivers in the area will be alerted to the issue and know to slow down or change course. When you get an alert you can vote on whether the trap still exists. The community will thank you for it. And with our verified real-time HERE traffic, you will know where the open road becomes more like a parking lot. With Trapster at your side your drive becomes faster, safer and easier on your wallet. Save yourself the headache, join a community of drivers helping drivers, and drive easy. Features: - Audio & Visual Alerting: Vital speed traps, road hazard and traffic alerts in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Indonesian, Thai, Greek, Malay, Vietnamese and fun sound themes. - Patrol™: Drive with confidence knowing that other Trapster users have patrolled the road ahead of you by the blue line that displays on your route. - Search & Routing: Route to a destination or search for a category of interest like ‘pizza’ and be routed with ease. Or choose to display local POIs to locate near by gas stations, restaurants, coffee shops and more! - Automatic Day & Night Display – Map display optimizes for day and nighttime driving conditions. Your device’s brightness level adjusts to limit eye fatigue. - Speed Limits & Speedometer: Real time speedometer paired with the speed limit of the road you are driving on ensures you travel at a safe speed. - HERE Live Traffic: HERE Real-time traffic flow, incident and congestion alerts delivered to your map so you’ll know where traffic is, how to avoid it, and when you’ll arrive. - Push Notifications: Customize Trapster to alert you to speed trap and road hazard locations even when the app isn't running. - HERE 3D Maps and 3D buildings with retina display. *Trapster does not show or allow the reporting of red light cameras or speed cameras of any kind in France due to the laws in France. **Trapster does not condone the use of the application in countries where it is not legal to report or be alerted to speed traps and road hazards. ----- What the Industry is saying: AOL Autos "You don't have to be looking at the phone or even be holding it to be notified of the speed trap -- which, of course, is safer, because you don't have to take your eyes off the road to be notified of the trap." Word on the streets: Check out our sweet reviews from our users! NEED HELP? TRAPSTER SUPPORT: Visit Like us: Follow us: Trapster blog: Drive easy! Note: Continued use of GPS in the background will significantly reduce battery life. The Trapster app is a free service. We do not distribute, share, sell or rent your private information such as your e-mail address or mobile number.

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    If everyone used this we could wipe speeding tickets out totally”
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    I love the speed limit feature and the cool maps 5”
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