Transform Your Life: A Year of Awareness Practice by Cheri Huber


Transform Your Life: A Year of Awareness Practice by Cheri Huber

Transform Your Life is 365 days of inspirational quotes, encouragement, and daily assignments supporting awareness practice. Few things in life help us to be awake and aware. Transform Your Life is day-in-day-out reminders to keep focused on compassionate self-acceptance, not believing the voices of conditioning. Visit for more information and to purchase the book Transform Your Life and other books by Cheri Huber. Chosen for impact, clarity, and humor, these one-per-day quotations come from a wide variety of sources: Zen masters; Christian and Sufi mystics; Eastern and Western philosophers; poets ancient and modern; and living artists, writers, and comedians. Each entry also contains a question to prompt self-examination, making the calendar a year-long course in fending off destructive thoughts and finding inner certainty. **** INTRODUCTION **** “Awareness practice” is practicing living in conscious compassionate awareness rather than identifying the antics of conditioned mind as yourself. As a child, when you were being socialized, you learned to think, feel, say and do specific things relative to circumstances. “Conditioned mind” is the endless stream of habitual thoughts that go through your head as a result of being socialized. We weren’t all socialized the same, obviously, but we did all learn to react to life in ways that, we believed, would ensure survival. Now, as adults, we are still reacting to life from a child’s survival system - we are still surviving childhood! Believing that “who you are” is your conditioned mind (your thoughts and reactions to life learned in childhood) is an enormous hindrance to living authentically in the moment. Awareness practice is the process of discovering those no-longer-helpful reactions, dropping them, and living free and joyously. In lovingkindness, Cheri **** HOW TO USE THIS APP **** Read day by day; don’t read ahead. Do each assignment in turn. **** ENCOURAGEMENTS **** Use reminders. Enroll your friends and follow Transform Your Life book as a group. Keep a journal of awareness. If you quit, start again. Repeat each year. **** ABOUT CHERI HUBER **** Cheri Huber is a student and teacher in the Soto Zen tradition. She has devoted 30 years to helping people free themselves from suffering and enjoy the lives that are their birthright. Her gentleness, clarity, and humor support the challenging work of spiritual growth. She is the author of 17 books including There Is Nothing Wrong with You; The Depression Book (she has been acknowledged as the country’s foremost expert on depression and spirituality); Time-Out For Parents; and the recently released audio-retreat, Unconditional Self-Acceptance. Cheri founded the Mountain View Zen Center and the Zen Monastery Practice Center in California. She conducts workshops and retreats at these centers and at venues around the U.S. and internationally. She has an internet-based weekly call-in radio show, Open Air. Cheri is a member of Social Venture Network, a national organization that combines social responsibility, spirituality, and business. Cheri Huber is founder and director of Living Compassion, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing peace and compassion to all aspects of life. **** NEW FEATURES **** - Share on Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS (iOS6+) - Journal on pages of the book - AirPrint enabled - Paper edition can be ordered from the app - Paste images, photos into the Journal **** APP FEATURES **** - Alarm clock with sound of the monastery bell - 365 pages of the book accessible by date - Bookmarks - Contact information to support your practice - LARGER FONT VIEW available in the horizontal orientation - Flip to next or previous pages - Opens book on the today's date page - Copy and Paste - Original book design - Dictionary lookup (iOS6+) - VoiceOver supported App Support, Frequent Questions, Ideas are at

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