Thousands of travellers have already used TrackMyTour to chronicle and share their vacations, business trips, bike tours, hikes, road trips, and boat cruises. HOW IT WORKS - Create a map and share it with your friends and family. - Go travelling and add waypoints whenever you want to highlight a location or just say, "Here I am!" Waypoints can include text and a photo. - Your friends and family can follow a breadcrumb trail of your trip by visiting the link you sent them. See sample maps at TrackMyTour is not a real-time tracker, which saves battery power and keeps roaming costs at a minimum. Waypoints can also be saved offline when a network connection is not available, and submitted later when you're back online (e.g., hotel WiFi). FEATURES - create waypoints without a network connection - follow tours with the app and be instantly notified of updates - friends & family can leave comments on your tour - optionally share each update to Twitter - see the TrackMyTour FAQ at TrackMyTour is free to get started, and if you like it you can purchase an in-app upgrade to unlock additional features. Give it a try and happy touring! WHAT HAVE OUR USERS SAID? - TrackMyTour is a great and thoughtful application for the tech savvy tourist that has an iPhone. It's a great way to track your journey and share it with others. - Adventure Cycling Association - A great way to keep others in your group updated on your exact location, especially on shore excursions. - Thomas Cook Cruises Magazine - I found TrackMyTour, a perfect geo-tracking micro blogging app. It allowed me to literally track my tour, but also to embed photos and messages. Love the app. - tarnold (iTunes) - I can't tell you enough to get this app. We use this when ever we travel and it works great. Use this program when ever you spend time with friends or visit new places. Keeping your friends and family up to date with your trips let's them feel like they are going with you. With track my tour pictures are easy and a snap to take. I almost want to go on extra trips just to use this app. - Tandem Abe (iTunes)

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    It is very user friendly
    Easy to keep in touch
    As it's easy for them to keep track of my trips”
    Particularly now with Facebook integration
    Talk about keeping a journal
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