Touch Bible Loaded: Scripture


Touch Bible Loaded: Scripture

STUDY MATERIALS • 60,000+ "foot notes" ? These are more than ordinary footnotes. These are study notes! Some are full articles, others simply give alternative wording so the meaning is made clear. You'll love them! • Strong's Concordance ? Every word in the KJV is linked to its definition. Find where an exact word was used. See definitions from multiple sources on a word. See "hidden" words, too. Lookup the definition of any Strong number. • Book Overviews ? Every book of the Bible comes with a detailed article. The articles explain many aspects about the book, such as the author or what it's about. It offers great insight! • Online Study Articles ? "Extras" offers over 2000 Bible related articles are available online. Search for people and places, biblical festivals and more. It brings the Bible to life. AUDIO BIBLE • Data free ? Internet access is not needed to listen to the Bible. • Listen and Multitask ? You can play or pause the audio Bible with the iOS media center from any app. • App for Apple Watch ? If you own an Apple watch you an remote control Touch Bible's reader. STUDY FEATURES • Side-By-Side Bibles ? See two versions at one time. Access both versions built-in study content. • Photos-in-Notes ? Take a picture of the notes on your church bulletin. Or write a note with your keyboard. Email them! Post written notes. • Study Setup ? Add verses to your history, then look them up from the list! This makes looking up a list of passages incredibly fast during study or Church. • Your Mark ? Margin notes on verses, Highlights, Bookmarks or general notes. Your markings appear in all Bible versions. THE BIBLE Access 8 translations wherever you are. Internet/Data plans are not needed to read or search the bible. NET and KJV Study content is also available without data. ? NET -New English Translation (modern english) ? 60,000 Study & Translators Notes ? KJV -King James Version ? Strong's Concordance, Definitions & Lexicons ? WEB -World English Bible ? DBY -Darby ? BBE -Bible in Basic English ? ASV -American Standard Version ? YLT -Young's Literal Translation ? WBS -Websters Bible ** More Benefits ** ? Dial a Verse - Touch Bible's way of looking up scripture FAST ? Photos - Bring back the days when you kept your bulletin in your Bible. Take a picture of it! ? Shake a Verse - Like flipping through the pages of a book to find a page to read ? Fast & intelligent keyword search with verse preview & many search options ? Bookmarks - Includes Verse Preview! ? Highlight verses ? Readability - spread out words, adjustable font sizes -- Paragraph Mode - Read in the traditional line by line format, or read in paragraph form -- Night Mode - for reading in low light situations Touch Bible will keep you ENGAGED with the Bible More than Ever You'll read the Bible more because Touch Bible makes it easier to understand. You don't even have to lose your place, the information is a tap away. ** Visually Impaired ** Touch Bible utilizes Voice Over to make using the app easier for the visually impaired. Learn more at ** Touch Bible Lite ** Want a Free Bible? Look for Touch Bible Lite. It's God's word at the right price... free! Compare Touch Bible Lite and Touch Bible Loaded at

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    The Touch Bible makes for a wonderful mobile Bible study
    Not commercially motivated like some other Bible apps
    Great search function
    Many different translations
    Many apps provide the ability to read the bible
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