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THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT OF TODDLERS WORLDWIDE WHO HAVE USED THIS APP MILLIONS OF TIMES Designed (by parents!) for kids 1-4 years old. Choose voices from 13 different languages. In addition to the four languages we've always supported (English, Spanish, French, and Chinese) there are now 9 additional language packs available for you to purchase. German, Russian, Farsi, Greek, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, and British English. *********** USER TESTIMONIALS: "Superb app. My little boy had no speech before using this. Now he knows the words, he can't speak clearly yet but he's trying. He even knows how to flick through the pics." "I love this app. My 3 year old son loves it as well." "Everytime I pick up my iPhone my son says, 'Mom I want the flashcards' " "We love the realistic pictures especially the sounds!" "I love these flashcards. My daughter loves them also. She is only one and is very focused on them when she plays with my iPhone. She already knows how to navigate through all the catagories." ============= Toddler Flashcards (by iTot Apps) is a great tool to help children (and even babies) learn basic words. If you have a young toddler, Toddler Flashcards is a must-have. Whether you're at home, on the road, or on an airplane, Toddler Flashcards lets you keep a child engaged, entertained, and learning. It's also the perfect app for Daddy to play with baby instead of email or texting. Just like traditional flash-cards for kids, Toddler Flashcards has cards to teach children the names of animals, foods, things, as well as advanced stuff like the alphabet or numbers. Unlike traditional flash-cards, these ones speak, and they also play animal sounds. With Toddler Flashcards you get hundreds of beautiful cards, all accessible from one simple application. And with language support, Toddler Flashcards can help you teach these words in 13 different languages! FEATURES: ∙ totally simple to use, just like iPhone's own photos ∙ designed for use by a baby or toddler. Just choose a set of cards, and your child can do the rest ∙ hundreds of high-resolution images (+ more on the way) ∙ spoken audio in 13 languages - English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Russian, Farsi, Greek, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, and British English. (English, Spanish, French, Chinese are included. The other languages require additional purchase) ∙ fun animal sounds! ∙ easy categories (foods, animals, things), and advanced categories (alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors) ∙ "mix it up" mode to shuffle across cards

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    Best toddler app for the money - ever”
    Great educational tool for toddlers”
    Her face just lights up when she hears the animal sounds
    I consider this a must-buy for parents
    Choose voices from 13 different languages
    Educational app for young kids can be like”
    Loves it and it's way cheaper than buying real flash cards
    I sent email to tech support for the app”
    Good quality photos and sound”
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