Why not look into the history of Kyoto? ?About TimeScope? TimeScope offers a kind of time travel experience in Kyoto though the iPhone/iPad. The time travel world of Time Scope offers the Imperial Court Compound (Chodo-in) of ancient Kyoto's (Heian Era) Greater Imperial Palace (centered around Senbon-dori stretching from Nijo-dori in the south to the area around Marutamachi-dori in the north). This is where the Imperial Court Compound stood; here, enthronement ceremonies, marriage celebrations and other important ceremonies would be held in the Great Hall of State (Daigoku-den); here, public officials would conduct state affairs from the 12 buildings that made up the Court of Ministries (Chodo). Please be sure to hold the iPhone up in front of you for the opportunity to walk into TimeScope's world. All around you the scenes of ancient Kyoto will appear. You can probably have the "I didn't know this about Kyoto" discovery as you peek in on various places. [Demonstration] In preview mode, from any location you can see the scenes of ancient Kyoto by tapping the green pins. [Features] ?360 °Scenes Using the GPS electronic compass and accelerometer we reproduce 360? scenes of ancient Kyoto according the the users location and orientation as well as the vertical orientation of the iPhone/iPad. ?Map Overlay ?Holding the iPhone/iPad horizontally to the ground you can see a map view with the layout of the buildings from the past allowing you to easily understand the relationship to the current buildings. ?Detailed Descriptions Tap on a building on the display to see its function and a detailed description.

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