Tiki Totems Premium


Tiki Totems Premium

? OVER 200 LEVELS ? WORSHIP THE TIKI GOD ! ??????????????????????????? Tiki Totems Premium has every feature from the Tiki Store unlocked. All future updates like new level packs or new features will be available free of charge for premium version owners! Don't feel like buying packs one after the other? Buy the premium version and get everything for free from now on! Features over 200 levels ! REVIEWS "If you are a big puzzler fan, Tiki Totems is either a blessing or a curse. Its addictive nature and ease of use make it easy to pick up, and its continued variety and challenge make it difficult to put down." 4/5 stars 148apps.com "I can tell you guys it's the most fluid physics game I've played from the app store. "?-EssentialParadox (Toucharcade Forum) "Its a great twist to a classic game (the one where you're supposed to clear similar colored blocks)"?-La.voed Introducing Tiki Totems! An exciting new physics puzzle block destroying game. Appease the Tiki Gods by carefully removing the unnecesarry blocks that dim the might and glory of their beautifull totems. BUT BE CAREFUL!! don't drop the totem on the ground cause that makes them angry, and when they get angry you know what happens. Villages and villagers burn. ??????????????????????????? FEATURES 208 unique, exciting and handcrafted levels for you to enjoy! Multiple block types, each with different behavior! OpenFeint integration with tons of achievements! Vivid graphics, custom music and sounds! The first TRULY RESPONSIVE physics game. ??????????????????????????? VIDEO TRAILER Watch the video trailer by going to http://tinyurl.com/tikitotems3 ??????????????????????????? STORY The tribes of the mythical island Tikonia have for centuries worshipped the Tiki God. All was fine and dandy until one day the tribe elder looked at the gathered worshipers and asked a simple question, "My beloved, how do we know that our great God really exists?". As his words traveled throughout the crowd , he already knew that this was indeed a BIG mistake. The Tiki God was angry, very angry. I mean really really angry like flowing lava is going to burn down your village angry. But that still doesn't describe it well... more like flying burning meteors are going to smash you all ANGRY. Something had to be done, the elders have decided. YOU will try and appease the angry God. Yes, yes.. we know we've already tried that and he burned everyone before you, but they just didn't treat his totem with care and respect and probably mixed the blocks in the wrong order... NOW GO and save us or we're all going to burn. ??????????????????????????? USEFUL LINKS Spokko website?http://www.spokko.com/ TouchArcade discussion? http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=32405

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    This game is full of challenging puzzles and great graphics”
    Awesome fun and addicting”
    Amazing game overall and gets better with each new pack”
    It is a must for puzzle lovers who love a challenge”
    It's an excellent physics puzzle game that will provide hours of entertainment”
    This game is the best thinking game out there”
    I'm exhausted right now because I couldn't stop playing this game last night”
    Really a mind boggling app and addictive”
    Insanely fun and addictive game that really challenges your mind”
    You should try making new blocks abd different backgrounds though”
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    Nothing here… Users found nothing but good things to say about this app!

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