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Tic Tac Math

Your kids are going to beg you for math learning with Tic Tac Math. This unique app combines the time-tested, kid approved favorite Tic Tac Toe game with math equations for an educationally fun experience. Kids love to play the game; parents love that their children are honing their math skills. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today! Imagine, it’s been a long trip in the car and your child is bored. Kicking the back of the seat, fidgety, whiney bored. Luckily, you planned for this. Opening the Tic Tac Math app, you pass your iPhone or iPod Touch to your unhappy passenger in the back seat and breath a sigh of relief as he or she smiles. You’ve turned that child’s frown upside down, brought yourself some peace and provided a learning opportunity, all at the same time. Tic Tac Math combines the fun and strategy of Tic Tac Toe with the skill building of math flash cards. Your child can choose which skill to play – addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. There is even the option of playing one, two or three digit numbers in the equations, so they can increase the difficulty as their skills improve. It's easy to get started, no rules to figure out because kids already know the rules! Just as in regular Tic Tac Toe, if you get three squares in a row, you win. To gain a square, you must first solve the math equation. This fun math app is great for all ages. You can play against the computer or use that opportunity for a bonding, two person game. It’s an excellent way for parents to spend time with their children while helping them sharpen their minds. Or, use the two player mode as an opportunity for an older child to help a younger one. This builds confidence and reinforces math skills at the same time. With Tic Tac Math, you essentially have a portable classroom and teacher anytime you open Tic Tac Math. There aren’t 30 other kids here, though. When your child is playing Tic Tac Math, he or she is the only student. Features: * Offers four skills to play – addition, subtraction, multiplication or division * Challenging one, two or three digit number equations * Includes a scratch pad for figuring out answers * Concept is based on Tic Tac Toe, so it’s easy for your child to understand gameplay * Builds math skills in a fun way * Can eliminate the boredom that children often experience while on long trips, waiting in lines or sitting in restaurants If you want to give your child the advantage of a portable tutor then you really should download Tic Tac Math now. Imagine being thanked for giving them something educational! They’ll just think it’s fun.

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